Indiana Shootout Over a Fence – Display Gun, Get Shot

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One neighbor in Indiana may have learned a hard lesson in what NOT to do with a gun during a neighborhood dispute. Jeffrey Weigle and Dean Keller had been involved in a verbal battle over a fence that bordered both properties. When Weigle brandished a gun, Keller shot him 4 times in the chest – Weigle remains in critical condition even though the incident took place in June. The Prosecutor’s office released a statement on Wednesday that Keller would not be charged.

The Indy Channel reported,

Keller’s sister, Leah Shipe, blamed the shooting on an ongoing fence dispute, saying Weigle had been “badgering” her brother for years.

The video, released by the prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, shows Weigle addressing Keller by saying, “Hey a**hole,” before adjusting a portion of the fence that borders their property. He then says “I see you got the s*** out,” in reference to Keller’s wife. Weigle then gets onto his riding lawnmower and starts to ride off.

As Keller approaches the fence to see what Weigle did, Weigle backs up his lawnmower and flashes a gun at Keller. Keller pulls out his own gun and fires at Weigle, hitting him four times in the chest during an exchange of multiple shots.

Weigle reportedly rents a room from the owner of the property he was mowing. The gun belonged to her, and he did not have permission to use it. He allegedly stole the gun from under her pillow before he left to mow.

No charges

Weigle pulled out the gun, brandishing it, and Keller began shooting. You can hear several shots. Prosecutors say that Weigle returned fire after he was shot, but missed Keller.

Dean Keller is a Firefighter. Prosecutors say that when Weigle pulled out his gun, Keller at that moment believed the lives of he and his wife were in jeopardy and opened fire. It has been ruled self-defense.

According to Fox News, Indiana law states that the deadly use of force must stop when the threat is eliminated. It is unclear whether the extra shots heard in the video were from Weigle or Keller.

Prosecutors say that Weigle could face charges if and when he recovers from his wounds.

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