Incorrect Ballots Sent to 49,669 Franklin County, Ohio Voters

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As the mail-in voting system continues to have issues, Franklin County, Ohio reportedly sent out 49,669 incorrect ballots to voters. They stated the problem would be corrected.

Breitbart reported,

The admission comes after Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose directed that new absentee ballots be mailed to Franklin County voters who received incorrect ballots. Earlier this week, the board said that a “significant number” of voters were mailed ballots meant for other individuals, as reported by WCMH.

On Wednesday, Franklin County board officials blamed a scanning machine for the issue with ballots.

“A scanner … wasn’t functioning the way it should,” stated board director Ed Leonard. “It should be scanning the ballot and the envelope to confirm that the ballot and the envelope are the correct ballot and envelope that the voters should receive.”

A BlueCrest spokesperson issued a separate statement regarding the issue: “BlueCrest supplies the machines to the Franklin County Board of Elections (BoE) and provides training and onsite support to the County employees who operate them. We are working closely with the BoE to resolve the issue both by identifying the root cause of the problem and putting additional measures in place to mitigate a reoccurrence. The accuracy and security of the election process is of the utmost importance to both BlueCrest and the Franklin County Board of Elections.”

By no means is that the only problem area, as 7,000 ballots were sent to the people in the wrong district in Teaneck, New Jersey.

North Jersey reported:

Nearly 7,000 voters in Teaneck received mail-in ballots with the incorrect congressional district on Monday afternoon, a mistake that confused and angered voters and sent Bergen County officials scrambling to correct the problem.

Voters who received the wrong ballots will receive corrected ones in the next few days, County Clerk John Hogan said. He suggested voters who received the wrong ballots shred them once they receive the new ones. 

Hogan said the problem occurred at a private mailing company. The county contracts with a private company that prints the ballots, and that company contracts with a mailing company to stuff the envelopes and mail them out. 

Teaneck, which has roughly 40,000 people and about 28,000 voters, is split into two congressional districts, the 5th and the 9th. 1,325 5th District voters received ballots with the 9th District race on it and a similar problem affected roughly 5,542 9th District ballots, Hogan said.

The same problems have surfaced even in normally red-state Idaho -sending ballots to those who did not request them (that would be us), or sending ballots to people who haven’t lived at an address for 20 years. These counties, states, are “winging it.”  Good idea or not?

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