Illinois Teenager Hacks Uber Drive to Death with Machete

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Grant Nelson finished dinner, and headed out to make a little extra money as an Uber driver. He said good night to his family and climbed into his 2015 silver Hyundai and drove off to pick up customers. At about 3 a.m., a girl named “Eliza” asked for an Uber driver to pick her up in Skokie, Illinois. She would be his last fare.

About two minutes after Nelson picked up Eliza Wasni, 16, she began stabbing him with a machete that she had stolen from the local Walmart. The driver managed to stop the Hyundai and run to a nearby condominium and scream for help.

“Help me, help me! I’m going to die!” He screamed long enough and pushed enough buzzers that residents finally called 911.

Meanwhile, Wasni had climbed into his Hyundai and tried to drive it, but was unable to do so. She ran it into the median, and bolted out of the car, ditching the Chicago Cubs t-shirt she had been wearing, leaving only leggings and her bra.

Police found Nelson’s blood spattered car on the median, and followed the trail of blood back to where he was lying in the grass near the condo. He was bleeding from numerous wounds, but managed to tell police what happened. He passed away later at the hospital.

Police found Wasni crouched nearby and took her into custody.

Eliza Wasni had shoplifted two knives from Walmart, one of which was the murder weapon. It turned out she had taken two other Uber vehicles prior to the incident. reported that she has a history of being in “therapeutic” hospitals.

She will be charged with First Degree Murder as an adult, but is being held in a juvenile facility. She faces life in prison, and is being held without bond due to the violent nature of the offense.

Grant Nelson, 34, drove for both LYFT and UBER on a part time basis. He was a pianist, and an animal lover.

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