Illinois Police Pursuit – Stolen Bulldozer vs Police Car. Which Won?

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An Illinois police pursuit video was released after ABC7 filed a Freedom of Information Act filing. Not your ordinary car pursuit, however. It was an 18 year old male who had stolen a 20 ton bulldozer on August 24 and started driving it around the streets of Kankakee, Ill.

Austin White was drunk and saw the bulldozer at an empty Bradley Construction site around 3 a.m. that morning. He decided to steal it and took it on a sort of “joy-ride.” An off-duty police officer noticed the dozer driving around town, and reported the situation to on-duty officers.

Cue the mayhem.

When an officer tried to stop him, White deliberately backed the bulldozer over the police car, as the officer inside bailed out, barely escaping before the car was crushed. Fortunately, the officer was not injured. The same can’t be said of his police cruiser.

Officers then chased White both on foot and in cars for about 4 miles (12 blocks). That would be a slow speed pursuit. When the  dozer finally stopped, an officer jumped on it , opened the door and dragged White out onto the pavement.

White looked a little worse for wear after being tossed out of  the bulldozer, then tased because he kept resisting.

ABC7 reported,

“Eventually the slow-speed chase came to a stop and officers pulled the teenager out. There are seen hurling him from the top of the bulldozer to the pavement and then can be heard using a Taser to subdue White. He is being held on at least 6 felony counts including attempted murder and driving under the influence of drugs. Police say he has never had a driver’s license. In total, investigators say he drove the construction vehicle for more than four miles on public streets before being arrested.”

He will probably spend some quality time in prison to relive his adventure. Hopefully, he’ll figure out why squashing a cop car isn’t the best entertainment.

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