Illinois Court Blocks Governor from Extending Stay-at-Home Order

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An Illinois court blocked Governor J B Pritzker from extending his stay-at-home order until May 30. The lawsuit was filed by Il state representative Darren Bailey in Clay County. The court issued an injunction against the Governor’s plans, but he has vowed to fight back and issue new public health orders in spite of  the court blockage.

“Representative Bailey’s decision to go to the courts is an insult to all Illinoisans who have been lost during this COVID-19 crisis. It’s a danger to millions of people who might get ill because of his recklessness. Disasters don’t evaporate on a 30-day timeframe. Legislators took this into account when they wrote this law. We will fight this lawsuit to the furthest means possible.
In the interim, we will be issuing new public health directives so we can respond to this public health crisis.” Gov Pritzker

Some media are reporting that the Judge’s order only applies to Bailey. It is unclear how it affects the entire state and whether or not it will actually slow Pritzker’s agenda. He is vowing to fight it.

Clay County Circuit Court Judge Michael McHaney granted the injunction against the Governor’s order. Maybe several more lawsuits would make a dent?

NBC Chicago reported:

“We are certainly going to act in a swift action to have this ruling overturned,” Pritzker said in his daily coronavirus press briefing Monday.

The ruling comes after Bailey, a Republican from Xenia, Illinois, filed a lawsuit claiming Pritzker exceeded his authority and violated the civil rights of the state’s residents. Pritzker on Thursday extended his stay-at-home order through May 30 as the highly contagious coronavirus continued to spread and infect thousands across the state.

“Enough is enough!” Bailey said in a statement. “I filed this lawsuit on behalf of myself and my constituents who are ready to go back to work and resume a normal life.”

Pritzker’s latest order extending the stay-at-home requirement also included a stipulation that mandates all persons over 2 years old wear masks in public. That might be a difficult challenge for any parent. He did relax some of the outdoor rules, but not a big help if people can’t go to work.

The IL Department of Health has the numbers at 48,102 testing positive, and deaths at 2,125.

Keep in mind, America, that tyrannical actions easily follow fear. Claiming that people are a “danger” to public health if they go outside or mingle with others has caused massive economic fallout, and loss of civil liberties.

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