Illegal Pulls Gun on CBP Agent, and Other Violence at the Border

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Violence against CBP agents appears to be on the uptick. One man was arrested after he pulled a loaded gun on a CBP agent near the Otay Mesa Port of entry. He had been deported 5 times prior. In an incident near Imperial Beach, four men from Honduras and El Salvador were detained after two of the men assaulted CBP agents, and that’s just a few of the recent incidents.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

The DOJ wrote:

According to the criminal complaint, at approximately 4:30 a.m., on Monday November 26, 2018, approximately ½ mile north of the United States/Mexico border, and two miles east of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry, a United States Border Patrol Agent responded to a radio call-out regarding a person crossing on foot from Mexico to the United States.  After a short search, the agent encountered Hector Rodriguez-Chavez lying face-down in tall grass.  As the agent drew near, Rodriguez turned and pointed a loaded pistol at the agent. The agent placed his body on Rodriguez’s right arm in an attempt to gain control of the pistol.  Rodriguez resisted and the two wrestled for about a minute before two more agents arrived on the scene.  Rodriguez ignored several verbal commands to relinquish the pistol and stop resisting. The second agent to arrive deployed a tazer to subdue Rodriguez and gain control over the pistol.  Rodriguez was detained and arrested.

Court records show Rodriguez has a criminal record that includes felony convictions for violent drug, immigration and firearms crimes.  Rodriguez is a Mexican national who has previously been deported from the United States.

Physical Assaults

The San Diego Tribune reported:

A pair of Central American men believed to be unauthorized immigrants were charged Friday in federal court in San Diego for allegedly assaulting U.S. Border Patrol agents in separate incidents Thursday night near Imperial Beach.

One of the men was from Honduras and the other from El Salvador, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which alleged that one man elbowed an agent and the other tried unsuccessfully to punch another agent.

Guatemala too

The Washington Times reported,

In one, agents were trying to arrest four illegal immigrants when one of them, a 25-year-old Guatemalan man, threw dirt in an agent’s face then swung his belt, trying to use the buckle as a weapon to strike the agent.

He was subdued and put into a vehicle, where he then spit in another agent’s face, authorities said.

Hours later another Guatemalan man, who’d previously been deported, was caught sneaking back in by an agent and his canine.

The 36-year-old man started striking the agent, but he was eventually subdued. Authorities said they discovered he’d been deported just six months ago.

One agent was taken to the hospital for an evaluation of injuries, but has been released.

Some of these men were not necessarily part of the “migrant caravan” but others may have been. But the incidents serve to remind everyone that all illegals are not sweet women and children, ad the mainstream media normally tries to tell us.

The Border Patrol statistics have come under fire recently for showing more incidents than normal, because the criteria for reporting went from incidents to offenses involved in each case.

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