Illegal Immigration – Is this how the US Can Pay for the Wall

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The cost of taking care of illegal immigrants has been steadily rising in recent years. Did you know that the United States (individual states) spent $89 Billion in 2017, and California alone spent $23 Billion on illegals? That’s BILLION, at least ten places before the decimal, unfathomable to us poor folk. According to the Washington Examiner, California spent more than twice as much on illegals as Texas.

If you add in federal costs of $46 Billion, you get the price tag that makes your teeth rattle: $135 Billion.  States are strapped for money all the time and this is one reason why. California’s care of  illegals and others has cost them billions that they don’t have.

So…how much does the wall cost? The figures are around $21 Billion. Maybe we should stop paying California…for anything. It would be a large savings.  OK that probably won’t happen, but we can dream about it. Having the wall up actually would reduce the cost for all the states.

Building a wall will not stop all illegal immigration, obviously, but it would make a huge dent. By July of 2017, the number of people making border crossing without oversight into the United States dropped by 53%, just due to the hardline stance of the Trump Administration. But the southern border is still seriously porous.

There are two kinds of illegal immigrants: those who come across the border without oversight, and overstays.

Visa Overstays

The sad fact is that many illegal immigrants come in by visa, then overstay their time and disappear. Overstays are beginning to outnumber border crossing illegals. The visa overstays are extremely difficult to track. These folks tend to come in by plane, not as illegal cargo, but as visa holders. The percentage of these is around 40%. Not all of them are from Mexico – a large portion of them are from China and other countries.

The Israeli Wall

Israel built a wall along portions of their West Bank, as well as the Southern border with Egypt in order to secure themselves from as many terrorists as possible. While the wall remains controversial, according to Politifact, it actually did cut illegal immigration by roughly 99 percent on the Egyptian end. They are in the process of building a new type of wall along the border with Gaza – one that is not visible. It will be a subterranean wall in order to stop tunnelers, according to the New York Times.

We have drug tunnels too, and who knows what else comes in by them.

In addition to a wall, other resources need to be in place. Drones, robots, guards, and sensors all must be in place to make it work. And the US-Mexican border is 2,000 miles long, running through mountainous terrain in many places. A wall will only be effective in portions of the border. Should we still build it? Absolutely! Our borders MUST be secured!

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