Ilhan Elmi or Ilhan Omar? Did She Marry Her Brother? Ethics Complaint Filed.

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The snarl of rumors that have encircled Rep Ilhan Omar is extensive at this point. Media Matters calls them “baseless smears” and rushed to prop her up. Is she really Ilhan Omar or is she Ilhan Elmi? Did she marry her brother? Did she lie on her immigration form? Is her father connected to Somali Dictator Said Barre? Today we read that she filed for divorce from her other marriage to Hirsi, according to It gets deeper with every passing day.

Judicial Watch has filed an ethics complaint against Ilhan Omar alleging that she married her own brother to defraud US immigration, perjured herself several times in her divorce statement, and filed fraudulent tax returns, according to Israeli News.

So let’s try to sort some of this out- and warning: with all the different names, it’s complicated. But if any of the allegations are actually true, the whole family needs to be deported.

“Nur, Representative Omar’s father, appears to have been a party propagandist under the dictator and was responsible for ‘ideological’ aspects of the Red-Green revolution.  (He worked for the Marxist/Stalinist regime under dictator Baare as a teacher of teachers.) This could have included providing the ideological/political justification for the massacres of the late eighties.”

Gateway Pundit

It is illegal for a person to enter the United States under false pretenses, especially if connected to a totalitarian leader.

Ilhan’s father was allegedly connected to Yusuf Abdi Ali, and dictator Said Barre in Somalia. Several accomplices of the Somali dictator are living in the US. Her Dad was supposedly a propagandist for the regime.

Ilhan Elmi or Ilhan Omar?

The Gateway Pundit also reported – keep in mind Ilhan was only 12 at the time:

In 1995, Ilhan entered the United States as a fraudulent member of the “Omar” family.

That is not her family. The Omar family is a second, unrelated family which was being granted asylum by the United States. The Omars allowed Ilhan, her genetic sister Sahra, and her genetic father Nur Said to use false names to apply for asylum as members of the Omar family.

Ilhan’s genetic family split up at this time. The above three received asylum in the United States, while Ilhan’s three other siblings — using their real names — managed to get asylum in the United Kingdom.

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s name, before applying for asylum, was Ilhan Nur Said Elmi.

Her father’s name before applying for asylum was Nur Said Elmi Mohamed. Her sister Sahra Noor’s name before applying for asylum was Sahra Nur Said Elmi. Her three siblings who were granted asylum by the United Kingdom are Leila Nur Said Elmi, Mohamed Nur Said Elmi, and Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Gateway Pundit

This graphic illustrates the problem:

Screenshot via powerline

She allegedly married Ahmed Elmi, who was actually her brother in order to help him get US citizenship. Then they enrolled in college.

According to David Steinberg at Powerline, there is ample evidence to open an investigation into Ilhan Elmi or Omar’s fraudulent statements. Be sure to visit that link for an extensive article on the connections to Ilhan. And the evidence he lists can be summarized like this:

Verifiable UK and U.S. marriage records

Verifiable address records

Time-stamped, traceable, archived online communications (Convictions and settlements based upon social media evidence are commonplace, Anthony Weiner being a notable example)

Background check confirmations of SSNs and birthdates

Archived court documents signed under penalty of perjury

Photos which can be examined to rule out digital manipulation

The 2019 Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board investigation, which found Omar filed illegal joint tax returns with a man who was not her husband in at least 2014 and 2015

Three years’ of evidence published across many articles — none of which has been shown to be incorrect, or have even been challenged with contradictory evidence from Rep. Omar or any other source

Perjury evidence that stands on its own — regardless of whom she married:

Long after June 2011, she was clearly in contact with the only man in either the U.S. or the UK with the same name and birthdate as the man she married. She was clearly in contact with several people who were in contact with him.

Further, Preya Samsundar did contact him, published how she managed to contact him, and published his email admitting to being photographed with Omar in London in 2015. To be clear: Omar was legally married to an “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi” at the time she was photographed next to a man who admits his name is Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, and that he is in the photo.

Samsundar published all of this information on how to contact Ahmed Nur Said Elmi a few months before Omar swore to that nine-question court document.

Rep. Omar has refused all inquiries from her constituents, elected officials, and media outlets to provide any specific evidence contradicting even a single allegation suggested by three years of now-public information.

In fact, Omar has responded by making information less available:

In August 2016, after Scott Johnson and Preya Samsundar posted the allegations, Omar’s verified social media accounts were taken offline.

Ahmed Nur Said Elmi’s social media accounts were also taken offline.

When the accounts returned, a large amount of potentially incriminating evidence had verifiably been deleted.

I found and published at least ten additional “before and after” instances of evidence still being deleted in 2018.

Omar has released carefully worded, Clintonian statements that denigrate those seeking answers from her as racists. Yet she has repeatedly refused to answer questions or issue anything other than public relations statements.

I have a large amount of information that we have not published for reasons including the protection of sources.

Sources have expressed fear regarding published video and photo evidence confirming threats from Omar’s campaign team. These sources have shared other evidence of threats. I have contacted the federal authorities to share this and other unpublished information. Providing knowingly false information to the DOJ is a serious crime.


That’s a lot of evidence. There are numerous photos on both the articles listed above.

Featured photo of Ilhan Omar’s family screenshot via Powerline.


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