Idaho SB 1384 – Schools Would No Longer Be Gun Free Zones

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On March 11, 2020, at 8:00 a.m., Idaho SB 1384 is set for a hearing in the Idaho State Senate. The School Safety Bill would allow school employees with an enhanced CWL to possess and carry a firearm on school property.  Quite a difference from blue states with “school safety” legislation.

SB 1384 amends Idaho code 18-3302c and d, the concealed carry statute, to allow school employees the ability to carry on school property if they possess an Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons License. It does not require them to do so. It protects them from having to disclose the fact to the public, but requires them disclose the information to the Principal and Superintendent. They cannot be punished for complying with this law.

“Relating to firearms; amending section 18-3302c, Idaho code, to revise a provision regarding prohibited conduct and to make technical corrections; and amending section 18-3302d, Idaho code, to define terms, to revise a definition, to provide that certain persons shall not be prohibited from possessing weapons on school property, to provide that certain persons shall not be compelled to disclose certain information or disciplined for certain actions, to provide for disclosure to a principal and superintendent in certain instances, to provide for confidentiality of certain records, to provide that private property owners shall retain certain rights, to provide immunity from certain liability, to prohibit certain signage, to provide that school employees shall not be required to carry a concealed weapon, and to make technical corrections.” SB 1384

Will it pass the Idaho legislature? There are a few Democrat anti-gunners in the state, although Republicans have the majority in both houses and the Governor’s office. As we all know, “gun free zones”  are sitting duck zones that leave our children vulnerable to attacks by those bent on murder. This School Safety bill would give our teachers and employees a fighting chance to protect their students during any active shooter situation.

Note about an Enhanced CWL:
The enhanced concealed carry endorsement requires an additional “eight hours of firearms training and allows the holder to legally carry a concealed firearm in places where firearms have previously been prohibited.”  Idaho does not require a concealed carry permit even in city limits, but the enhanced CWL allows both residents and nonresidents to carry in several additional states beyond the Utah permit, such as Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, etc.

Anti-gunners believe that concealed carriers are lawless criminals that shouldn’t have their guns. Actually, they think that about ALL gun owners. They say it makes schools “less safe” – they are wrong.  Concealed carriers are generally the most law abiding persons among us. Removing that “gun free zone sign” is a great idea too!

If you live in Idaho and would like to attend the hearing, or notify your Senators that you support this bill, so to this link at NRA-ILA.

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