Idaho 911 caller – are they overcharging me for drinks?

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Post Falls, Idaho – A while back,  a person called 911 when Facebook went down for a while. But this 911 caller is even more bizarre: he called 911 because he wanted to make sure a bar hadn’t “overcharged” him for some drinks. It’s not even April Fools. Ok the fools part applies.

In fact, the person who called 911 about his bar tab called TWELVE times to reportedly “make sure” he was not overcharged on his bar tab. The bar had “trespassed” him – a legal term for kicked him out.

Idaho 911 caller

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Police were called to the Tequila Club in Post Falls, Idaho, after receiving a report of a “disorderly”person. The bar had kicked him out for being too toasted, so the police gave him a “courtesy” ride home. Should have left it there, mister.

A little less alcohol…a little more brain cells

After police left his residence, the person began calling 911 to make sure the bar didn’t charge beyond the tab for his drinks. The caller was advised several times by 911 dispatchers not to call 911 for a non-emergency, but he continued to do so. To add to the problem, he played loud music into the telephone while he was doing it.

When police arrived at the house in reference to the 911 calls, (and oh, that was a guarantee), the person admitted to doing them.

Then he demanded that they respond faster next time. They responded by giving  him a misdemeanor  citation for misuse of 911. That was fast, right?

Calling 911 for a non-emergency is illegal and ties up law enforcement with frivolous garbage. It also drives dispatchers a little nuts. Most cities now have computer systems which record the location of the phone call, so it’s not like he could hide his location. Maybe he should go to bars that don’t charge so much for a beer.



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