Icon Hugh Hefner Passes, May He Breast in Peace

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Iconic Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91. Sources say he passed away due to natural causes, with a smile on his face. Remembered fondly or with repugnance by the masses, there is no question “The Hef” played a significant part in the coming of age of millions of red-blooded, American males.

His Playboy magazines doubled as a mattress/box spring divider in the beds of countless young men over the years. Who didn’t want to be Hugh Hefner? James Bond had nothing on the Playboy millionaire. After serving as a writer for a military publication in the U.S. Army during World War II, Hefner lived life on his own terms.

The young entrepreneur started his empire with $600 in 1953, then launched the first issue of Playboy after securing $10,000 from investors. The rest is history.

He once told CNN:

I would like to be remembered as somebody who has changed the world in some positive way, in a social, sexual sense, and I’d be very happy with that. I’m a kid who dreamed the dreams and made them come true.

Seemingly always embroiled in controversy, Hefner tried to celebrate sex, to bring awareness and openness to the subject of sex, in a way that he thought would benefit society. He certainly forced Americans to look at the topic in a new way.


Of course…

Fittingly, he died on a hump day. Hefner leaves a ton of hot babes, who posed for his magazine over the last half century, in sadness today. On a lighter note, there will be an extended time allowed for his viewing, since the levels of Viagra in his body will prevent the closing of his casket by about a week.

May he rest in “Hefenly” peace. We want to thank you for reading this – just for the article.

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