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Police finally were able to remove the ICE protesters from their perch in Portland, after they totally ignored the Mayor’s request to leave on Monday, according to Fox. Protesters were told they would be subject to arrest if they remained on Tuesday. What they left behind was considered a “biohazard.”

Police cordoned off the mess and began hauling off the junk. Couches, mattresses, tuna fish cans, makeshift toilets, liquor bottles, toys, even a book called “The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy” and of course, their wooden “wall” …all were removed. Police gathered the items of “utility or value” and told people they could claim them until September 1 at the Portland Police Bureau.

This happens every time the “occupy” movement “protests” some faction of something or another. They leave behind a garbage pit, as they did with the Dakota Pipeline protest, Occupy Wall Street, etc. The plan  must be to bury people in garbage rather than address the issues they purport to want to fix.

The city of Portland hired private agencies, and the Sheriff’s department brought inmates to help clean up the pit that the radicals left behind. The city’s Mayor says he “supports” the protesters’ cause, even though he ordered them to leave. He told them that it was “time to move on” instead of camping out at the site for 5 weeks.

According to OregonLive,

“Police said protesters were subject to citation or arrest for charges including trespassing, illegal camping on public property and illegal structures on public property. The police statement said its explosives unit and Portland Fire & Rescue personnel were present as precautions.

No arrests or citations were made, according to police, and most of the protesters left previously. By midafternoon on July 25, the streets surrounding the area were back open.

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