ICE: Fake Families At The Border

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In testimony before Congress on Thursday, the acting Director of ICE revealed that they are finding more and more fake families at the Border. They are even seeing “recycled” children – those who come over the border more than once with different people that are allegedly their “parents.”

Acting Director of ICE Matthew Albence told Congress that last month they found a 7 year old girl from Guatemala who had been “rented out” to her uncle so they could pose as a family so that he could get lenient treatment. And that was her second trip to the US.

“She also told us her two brothers were already here, and came in January, and she didn’t know where they were.” ICE Acting Director Matthew Albence

So…do you think our immigration system needs a major overhaul? When children are being literally trafficked like products, there is something exceedingly wrong. And that any parent would rent out their child to anyone for the arduous, dangerous journey to the US is beyond comprehension. It’s child abuse, plain and simple.

ICE confirmed about 65 cases of actual fake families out of 256 potential ones after just three weeks of hunting for them. The Customs and Border Protection found over 3,500 cases of fake families from October 2018 through March of 2019. DHS found over 1,000 fake families from October 1, and those are just the ones that were caught, according to the Daily Caller. It has become so prevalent that authorities will begin rapid DNA testing for “family” units (Dan Bongino).

According to the Washington Times, sometimes the child is rented to a relative, sometimes the relationship is valid, but the subject lies about the child’s age to get easier treatment. Then there are those cases where there is no relationship to the child at all.

The Democrats belligerently question the DHS, CBP and ICE agencies with ridiculous statements that do nothing to solve the border problem. They rail against every member of the Trump administration, completely ignoring the crisis at our southern border. They complain that there should be less beds for illegals, not more. They complain that walls are “immoral.” They demand to know who told what to whom, but not once do they offer a solution to the growing disaster. They want open borders for Democrat votes…it’s the bottom line and has nothing whatsoever to do with “compassion.” And they do it just because they hate Trump.

Democrats have absolutely no compassion for America or our citizens…only for their own existence.

Featured photo: screenshot via Conservative Daily News

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