I-5 Protesters Hit by Speeding Car- 1 Dead, 1 in ICU

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On Saturday at around 1:40 a.m., a white Jaguar slammed into two protesters who were standing in a blocked off area on I-5 near Seattle. One of the persons, Summer Taylor, 24, died at Harborview Medical Center. The other woman, Diaz Love, 32, is in serious condition in the ICU.

Here is the video of the incident on I-5 from Saturday.

The Washington State Patrol arrested Dawit Kelete, 27, after one of the protesters jumped into his car and chased him for about a mile down the freeway. Then he drove his car in front of the Jaguar to stop it.

The I-5 freeway was closed at the point of the hit and run, and police were investigating whether it was a targeted attack. Washington State Patrol will no longer allow pedestrians on I-5 and released a notice that stated from now on anyone on the freeway will be arrested. [Note: that should have been the original plan in the beginning. “Protesters” on the freeway at 1:40 a.m. was a disaster waiting to happen. It is generally illegal to be a pedestrian on a freeway anywhere in the nation- even hitchikers normally have to wait at entrance/exit ramps for a ride. It took someone getting killed to force compliance with the law.]

Washington State Patrol Capt. Ron Mead told Fox News that the protesters had shut down I-5  for 19 days in a row. The death of Summer Taylor is just another tragedy that could have been avoided if the law had been obeyed, and police had been allowed to enforce it. But in weak-kneed Seattle, bending to the will of the protesters has been standard. It was likely not the idea of the police to allow protesters on the freeway.

The driver, Dawit Kelete, was taken to King County Jail and denied bail. He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Authorities do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved.

From Governor Jay Inslee to Mayor Jenny Durkan, it has taken death and mayhem to jar them into reality.


Featured photo: screenshot via video by Larry Lubramanian


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  • Dohfugwimee

    The @wastatepatrol will not be allowing protesters to enter I-5. For the safety of all citizens including protesters and motorists, pedestrians walking on the freeway will be arrested. @wspd2pio

    Well fuckduh!!!

  • Johnny Law

    Laugh my ass off.

  • Jeff

    Good dumb idiots shouldn’t have been there blocking freeway. With recent events I’d would run through them at full speed. Hard to hit a moving target.

  • Leo

    No pedestrian are supposed to be on the freeway to start with. It looks like the car was already speeding and didn’t realize any pedestrians on the freeway. Hitting the pedestrian was not intentional as you can see the driver was swerving trying to avoid them. That’s my take.

  • Maureen Fodge

    That car was out of control. The speed it was traveling was nut’s. Can you imagine a bunch of deer that driver would be dead. Yes I agree the middle of any road can be dangerous. What if it was a bunch of teenagers out there. Yes I have seen people stupid enough to try and beat a train on foot. Usually drinking or drugs involved. I live in a small village. You have look out for people jay walking. Dog’s or cat’s that owner’s let out. Yes I am up in year’s. There are to many driver’s that think they own the rd. Yes I owned a sports car and yes to many people do not respect the vehicle or any thing. I was taught if you think a driver will pull out they will. To many on cell phones not paying attention to what is going on around them. They drive with tunnel vision.Trying to miss them, ya. Why not slam on the breaks hard. This is my thought’s. Every body has theirs .

  • D

    I love how the anti police protesters suddenly want the police to respond…

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