Hypocrite Harry Reid Bashes Trump

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Senator and former “boxer” who fights with workout equipment, Harry Reid, has been bashing Trump every chance he gets lately. First it was an attempt to body-shame him, today it’s to call him the “most unbelievably immoral people I’ve ever heard…” in a temper tantrum on the Senate Floor.

Breitbart tweeted, “Did Donald Trump beat up Harry Reid on New Years Day 2015?” Of course that’s a reference to the day Reid reportedly smacked himself in the eye while working out. OR maybe he tangled with a big burly someone who didn’t care for his crooked politics.

But that’s not all – he called the Republican nominee – “con artist,” “spoiled brat,” “human leech” were a few other choice words. But that is definitely “the pot calling the kettle black.” Wow, the Democrats must be desperate.

Let’s take a gander at Harry’s rather checkered past:

Harry Reid is one of the most corrupt politicians in the Senate. His plan to make a land grab in Nevada to place a solar wind farm near the Bundy Ranch created the whole confrontation between the BLM and Patriots.

Harry Reid- Corruption and Greed

So let’s review- Harry Reid’s angst toward the Bundy’s was driven by greed on his part. G.R.E.E.D. And he has the cojones to accuse Trump of anything? Hypocrisy at its finest.

But of course that’s not all- a litany of corruption sandals reportedly led to his leaving the senate after this year. He has been on the Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list for years.

Judicial Watch reported,

In 2012 Reid made JW’s corrupt politician list because he was embroiled in an influence-peddling scandal involving a Chinese “green energy” client of a Nevada law firm run by his son Rory. The senator was one of the Nevada projects most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on its behalf, according to a mainstream news report. Reid’s son was an attorney at the prominent Las Vegas firm that represented the Chinese Company, ENN Energy Group, and helped it locate a 9,000-acre desert site for well below its appraised value from Clark County.

In 2013 Reid was again named to JW’s most corrupt politician list for taking more than $130,000 in illegal campaign funds from a shady donor, Harvey Whittemore, who eventually went to jail. Whittemore hired four of the senator’s sons at a law firm in which he served as senior partner and worked with Reid on huge land deals that required federal legislation. Additionally, Reid sponsored at least $47 million in earmarks that directly benefitted organizations with close ties to one of his sons, Key Reid. The legislator also colluded with President Obama to nix a proposed nuclear waste dump in Yucca Mountain Nevada after U.S. taxpayers spent $15 billion on the project.

More recently Reid abused his authority to pressure the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to expedite a $115 million foreign investor visa deal critical to his son’s casino client. Reid got the DHS to override agency procedures to rush through hundreds of visa applications from foreign nationals who helped fund a Las Vegas hotel and casino that hired Rory Reid to provide legal representation for the project, according to a recent news report.

Who’s the “human leech” Harry? Who will suck the American people dry, o greedy one?

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Harry Reid is a menace to America

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