Hurricane Nate – Strong Winds, Floods Lash Gulf Coast

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Hurricane Nate made its first landfall at the mouth of the Mississippi River on Saturday night in a sparsely populated area, just east of New Orleans. But it’s 2nd landfall in Biloxi, Mississippi brought 85 mile per hour winds and heavy storm surge before weakening to a tropical depression this morning. The 4th hurricane to hit the United States in the last 6 weeks, Nate was the fastest moving Gulf hurricane in recorded history at 26 mph (not the fasted moving hurricane of all, just the fastest in the Gulf.

New Orleans dodged the hurricane this time. Nate came ashore on the Mississippi Gulf coast, hitting Biloxi with major flooding. Parking garages, streets, and three casinos, the Hard Rock, Golden Nugget, and Margaritaville, all were flooded. Sailboats were dragged on shore as the storm’s 85 mph winds slammed the coast.

Nate left this sailboat high and dry on the beach in Biloxi- Screenshot via Twitter

Mobile, Alabama had “significant flooding” but authorities stated that damage was light, comparatively speaking. Debris was spread across the Mobile Causeway and other roads. Residents were asked to be cautious if they had to drive on the roadways.

According to Philips 66, their Alliance, Louisiana refinery was undamaged by Hurricane Nate, and may start up again on Sunday. The refinery generally produced about 247,000 barrels per day.

Power was out to at least 87,000 people, in Louisiana and Alabama. Pensacola, Florida reported that the drifting sand made the beach look like it was covered in snow.

Nate now moves NNE as a tropical depression, weakening even more as it goes, but is expected to bring heavy rain.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter

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