Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew hit Florida as a Category 3 on Friday morning, leaving one person dead, at least 650,000 without power, and packing over 90 mile per hour winds. The storm is “crawling” up the East coast at about 12 mph. Even though the core of the hurricane has so far remained about 10 to 20 miles off shore, it has brought heavy rainfall and high winds, with a large onshore push and life-threatening storm surge.

Matthew may come back to Florida and the Bahamas in a weaker wind speed.

The storm will reach the border of Florida and Georgia by afternoon. Meteorologists say that the worst of the storm may come when it hits landfall close to Charleston, South Carolina.


A tornado warning was issued for two counties in North Florida, as two systems collided across the area.


The storm surge is forecast to be about 3 to 6 feet, or 6 to 9 feet depending on where the storm hits. About 100 people were still on an island off the coast of South Carolina, which has Governor Nikki Haley and officials urging them to leave. Emergency Services have difficulty reaching people during a hurricane event.


Daytona Beach surge


Daytona Beach has been hit hard with rain and high winds, and debris from hotels have been a serious hazard.

Flooding has become a serious issue as estuaries fill up with water all along the East Coast between Florida and South Carolina.

Shelters are open, and in South Carolina, the state has told people they have enough room to bring their pets. Hurricane warnings and watches have extended north, with officials reminding people that the storm is NOT over, and to stay in shelters.

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