Hurricane Lane Begins Smashing into Hawaii

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“Torrential rains” have already hit the Big Island dropping at least 12+ inches of rain and causing landslides, with more expected to come. As Hurricane Lane bears down on the islands, the US military has moved its ships and subs out to sea. Wind speed for this category 4 storm is at 130 mph, with gusts up to 160 (downgraded from a category 5). Though the path of the storm is set to go west of the island chain, the cone of its effects is much larger.

Hawaii issued a travel advisory for the 270,000 island visitors. Airlines had to let passengers change their tickets. The hurricane is billed as the largest weather threat to Hawaii in decades.

Authorities advised residents to prep with at least 2 weeks of food and water. Honolulu is also being hit with rain, although it is expected to become much worse by Friday.

The Military has about 24 ships at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, although the exact number has not been released. Aircraft on the base are being moved as well. Hickam Air Base has two airlift squadrons and a fighter squadron. Any vessel under repair is being move to a place that will hold up under the hurricane, according to the Navy Times.

The hurricane will start lashing the smaller islands by Friday, according to meteorologists.

Hawaii has some unique problems, according to BRK Tech: They have around 6,500+ homeless people, and that’s not counting people who will likely become homeless if their roofs fly off. Some analysts have stated that certain places in the islands could have rain up to 30 inches, which is double Honolulu’s yearly rainfall. Plus even though Hawaii upgraded its building code in 2010, there are thousands of homes that would not stand under hurricane force winds of 130.

Of course, the ever present body-boarders are riding the waves. Not a great idea, but it’s Hawaii.

You can watch a few live cam videos from Oahu at this link.

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