Hurricane Florence – Monster Storm Approaches East Coast

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Store shelves are bare, some gas stations are out of fuel. Hurricane Florence is knocking at the door of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, DC and Maryland. It is set to hit the Carolinas late Wednesday or early Thursday – mandatory evacuations have been in place since Monday. And when the National Hurricane Center says it’s potentially “catastrophic,” it appears people are paying attention this time after last year’s Hurricanes.

“It’s not the wind, it’s the water”

The storm is currently at category 4 with winds at 130 mph. It has been generating waves up to 83 feet high.

Authorities are expecting up to 40 inches of water, as the hurricane “crawls” along the east coast. The Weather Channel reported,

  • Florence remains a dangerous Category 4 hurricane.
  • Florence is expected to crawl near or along the coast of the Carolinas at least through Saturday.
  • This will produce catastrophic flash flooding and major river flooding.
  • Life-threatening storm surge will occur near landfall and for some time after.
  • Hurricane and storm surge warnings have been issued.
  • Tropical-storm-force winds may arrive as soon as Thursday.
  • Florence’s remnant may linger in parts of the East into early next week.

Here’s a link to the emergency shelters that have been set up in North Carolina. Be sure to remember your pets- if you can’t take them with you, contact a local animal shelter and ask if they can help. Some of the smaller animal shelters are already at capacity.

There are a few fools planning to ride out this storm. But it’s not wise, as the sheer size of the storm is larger than most of the hurricanes that have previously hit the region.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is declaring Trump “complicit” for the storm based on his views of climate change. Wow. Mother nature is offended.


  • James Golden

    There’s NO WAY that you can tell me that OUR GOVERNMENT DOESN’T have the technology and the firepower to blast the EYE of a hurricane with a MOAB, that would blow Florence, or ANY OTHER hurricane COMPLETELY apart !!!

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