Hurricane Assistance By Air and Sea – US Military, Even Fish and Wildlife

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Since Monday night, the US Military has deployed several assets to for hurricane assistance – the aftermath of Harvey. The USS Kearsarge, and the USS Oak Hill were sent to Texas to assist with flooding victims, including Marines. US Air Force and Navy helicopters have been assisting with rescues since Monday.

Florida Governor Rick Scott deployed Fish and Wildlife officers to help with Texas rescues as well. The Oregon Air National Guard has sent assets to help with air rescue. There are 36 more military aircraft on standby in case they are needed.

According to the Navy, their helicopter teams rescued 227 people the first day in Houston. It marks the first time US Military aircraft were used in a hurricane relief operation. Then there were the warships:

There are 690 US Marines aboard the two warships.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, not to be undone, deployed 150 Fish and Wildlife officers and support staff to assist with hurricane rescues as well. Two convoys of FWCC officers drove through Pensacola this week on their way to Texas. Airboats and motorboats on trailed behind them, it was an impressive sight, according to those who watched them.

Screenshots of Flickr Photos from Florida Fish and Wildlife

Though FWCC officers were dispatched to assist the humans, they might be able to assist with the alligators that have been swimming around Texas. Just sayin’.

So far, Houston PD says they have rescued 4,000 people, and Houston Fire about 3,000. Harris County says they have rescued 3,000 as well. The US Coast Guard has also rescued 3,000 in both Houston and outlying areas. In Southeast Texas about 18,000 people so far have been rescued by various groups.


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