Hurghada – Terror Attack at Popular Egyptian Resort, 6 Women Stabbed

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Six women were stabbed on Friday at Hurghada, a popular Egyptian Tourist resort on the Red Sea. Two of the women died, four others were hospitalized. The terrorist was arrested.

The incident occurred around noon local time. The suspect swam to the beach, in front of the Zahabia Resort, where he stabbed two women from Germany three times in the chest. They died there. Then he proceeded to injure two more tourists.  Initially the two women who were murdered were thought to be Ukrainian, but were later identified as Germans.

Then he swam to another beach at the Sunny Days El Palacio Resort and attacked two more women. There he was overpowered by hotel staff and arrested.  The others stabbed were two Armenians and two Czechoslovakians.

Police are “attempting to obtain a motive.”

“He was looking for foreigners and he didn’t want any Egyptians.” Staffer from the Zahabia Resort told the BBC.  It is unclear what the man may have said to give this staff person that impression.

There are numerous warnings by various governments about travel to Egypt and certain other Muslim countries. Jihad- whether by knife or firearm, is very real.


The resort of Hurghada is one of Egypt’s premier tourist resorts along the Red Sea. It is known for scuba diving. The 25 miles of resorts consist of hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. It is a popular place for British and many other tourists. The UK government stated that as far as they knew, no British nationals were injured in this situation.

This area has been hit before by jihadists from the ISIS-Sinai group. In 2016, three tourists were stabbed at the same resort.




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