Huntington Beach Junior Steps In to Rescue Blind Kid- Gets Suspended (Video)

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Huntington Beach, CA – A junior to came to the rescue of a blind classmate being bullied, and punched the bully out with one punch.  The incident was caught on video. He then led the visually impaired student to a place of safety. But, of course, in the infinite dimwitted “wisdom” of the Huntington Beach High School, they suspended the junior from school and kicked him off the football team. Such (apparently) is the price for saving a blind person.

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Screenshot from the viral video showing bully beating the blind student

The perpetrator who started the rumble

Thursday evening after an investigation of the video (which has gone viral, by the way), police announced the arrest of the teen who smacked the blind student. According to the police, they knew each other and did not get along.

“The victim and suspect know each other and have a history of not getting along. Yesterday the victim walked past the suspect and they got into an argument. At that time, the suspect punched the victim several times and that is when the third student intervened and struck the suspect to prevent any further attack on the victim… [the suspect]  has been arrested for misdemeanor battery and released back to his parents… we do not anticipate any arrest being made on the victim or the 3rd intervening student.” Huntington Beach Police


One punch and the bully is down for the count


The Hero and Huntington Beach High School

But the school has a different point of view- they have a “zero-tolerance” policy on violence. So when the 3rd party, identified as student Cody Pines,  intervened to protect the blind kid, wham! They suspended him from school and kicked him off the football team.

“We believe Cody should stay in school where he belongs. While violence is never the best option what Cody did to defend his friend and classmate was justified.” Petition

The community and students  are standing with Cody, and are calling him a hero. A petition to have him reinstated on the team has reached over 43,000 supporters.

“Great job! Our future is in good hands because of young men such as yourself, Don’t sacrifice your morals for something as petty as football. If they don’t allow you back on the team it will be their loss. Leaders continue to lead even when nobody is looking.” Jeff Smith, petition response

The school is taking some serious heat on social media for their foolish move, from news media and others.  Huntington Beach High School, your priorities are seriously screwed up!

Here is the video:

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