Humorless Leftists – Throw Fit Over Meme of Conan the Dog

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Conan, the Military Working Dog that assisted Delta Force operatives in ridding the world of Al-Baghdadi, is coming to the White House next week. If he has time, of course, since ISIS has already named a successor. But when Donald Trump tweeted a meme by the Daily Wire that showed him putting a Medal of Honor around the dog’s neck, the left flipped out.

It’s not unusual for MWDs to be heroes. They save countless lives every day. But the left can’t for even one moment let Donald Trump laugh without nipping at everything he does. Even when he didn’t make the meme. But then, we all know that the left can’t meme.

Because Conan has framed Trump in a positive light, they can’t handle it. Jim Acosta from CNN had to “fact check” it. “The dog is not at the White House” was his response. Duh, the President said “next week.” Sit Acosta right by the Belgian Malinois, and make sure he’s face to face with the dog. Would he wet his pants?

“Real life humans who call themselves “journalists” are mad about this, say it’s disrespectful & making sure people know it’s photoshopped. If anyone is dumb enough to think this is real, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Trump should adopt the hero dog to drive them really nuts.” Robby Starbuck

Then there’s this gem from Clash Daily that shows a WaPo reporter asking who did it.

The left complained about the President’s spelling of recreation (re-creation). They complained that it was “disrespectful” to take the war hero out of the picture and put the dog in his place. They b****ed about him using the dog’s name, when it was declassified and in several articles for over 24 hours. They accused him of putting people at risk by releasing the name when it had been released previously. COME ON! The man who actually received the medal thought it was funny and wasn’t offended at all. And the military wouldn’t have declassified the name if it weren’t safe to release.

But then, the fun began:


On second thought, PLEASE put the dog near Schiff and Pelosi- and then watch what happens. Make sure the K-9 handler is on break.

Featured photo by Daily Wire, retweeted by President Trump


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  • Patti Richter

    Of course it was Acosta who had to “ fact check” after all this may be just the ticket that will get the Republicans vote to remove Trump. After all any port in a storm. This one would make as much sense as the last 3 years have lol

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