HuffPo Says Saying Vietnam Veterans were “Mistreated” is “Misleading.”

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Jeremy Kuzmarov, a “political activist” (liberal) contributor to HuffPo (The Huffington Post), expressed his opinion that Vietnam veterans were not “mistreated” and were part of “nation building” by the United States. The op-ed was written in response to Ken Burns’ Vietnam War Documentary, which he viewed as promoting “misleading history.” The irony of it is that Ken Burns, the documentary filmmaker, is a Democrat. 

He even called the documentary a “sophisticated exercise in empire denial.”

The anti-war activist viewpoint always claims that the United States is trying to exercise “colonialism” over other countries when it becomes embroiled in a war. But that wasn’t what set off a Vietnam Veteran…it was this statement:

“The film is misleading at the outset in quoting an American soldier who recounts the pain of his homecoming, insinuating that veterans were maltreated in the United States – a trope often used to blame antiwar activists for creating this allegedly anti-veteran and divisive climate.”

Kuzmarov also stated this:

“Burns and Novick mislead viewers further by showing footage of North Vietnamese migrating to the South fleeing communist terror and interviewing a woman whose family fled while leaving out the fact that the CIA worked to sabotage North Vietnam’s economy, created a fake resistance movement and coerced many Catholics and others to flee by spreading false rumors about Vietminh atrocities and promising them 40 acres and a mule.”

“False rumors” about atrocities? The CIA is not lily-white and never has been. But this is worded like something straight out of a Communist propaganda flyer.

Vietnam Veterans 

This is from a Vietnam Veteran who read the HuffPo article and became extremely angry.

“When I came home from my village, I was actually asked ‘how many babies did I have to kill’ in my village. Then when we left, my village was massacred by the communists.” Jack Cunningham, USMC Vietnam Veteran

The village he speaks of was Duc Duc village- one that was sympathetic to the Americans. Shortly after the American Marines left, North Vietnamese Communists massacred hundreds of men, women, and children in the village and burned it to the ground. Many of those villagers had been Jack’s friends.
So let’s hear it, HuffPo, about those “false rumors of atrocities.” Our military members were demoralized by the American people they believed they were fighting for.
Yes, for absolute certain our government was incompetent and mismanaged the Vietnam War. There is no question about that. And the agendas of leadership or those who pulls the strings is often hidden.
But to say that our veterans weren’t mistreated is an out and out lie. To say that the atrocities of the Communists were “false rumors” shows that he knows absolutely nothing of combat. War is always hell. It’s always bloody. And people always die.

Punji sticks – booby traps were a specialty of the North Vietnamese

Vietnam veterans were spat upon, called names and in general often reviled. Personally I knew veterans who were treated like lepers, and were screamed at by people who viewed them as evil. They lost friends both in the war and at home. Some lost families in both places. Our United States veterans viewed as evil… it was the anti-war protesters of the 60s and 70s who created that issue.

The veterans got few community honors when they returned. The anti-war activists managed to bully the government into doing what they wanted and the US left with the people of South Vietnam begging to go with them. Not all could come. It created hellish situations for a people who did not want to be part of the Communist regime. And a lot of Americans died trying to stop it.
One of the nation’s first Vietnam Veteran memorials in Rosedale, NY was vandalized frequently. It was first erected in 1968.

April, 1970

Rosedale’s Memorial today

There is only a contact page at the Huffington Post and not even a comment section for the article.  In short, Mr. Kuzmarov, don’t minimize the sacrifice made by thousands of Americans. Don’t minimize the actions of the enemy.


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