HR 5383 The New Way Forward Act – Destroying America

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HR 5383 is a bill introduced by Rep Jesus Garcia (D-IL) on December 10. There hasn’t been much publicity about it, and with the left media, that’s by design. The bill would drastically alter the United States as we know it.  The bill literally remakes America into a hell-hole in which illegal criminals are rewarded and brought back to the US at taxpayer expense. Because we’re racist and they’re victims, apparently.

Numerous far left Democrats are sponsoring this bill – including Ilhan Omar and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. It is co-sponsored by: Mr Garcia, (Ms. Jayapal, Ms. Bass, Ms. Pressley, Mr. Grijalva, Ms. Velázquez, Ms. Haaland, Ms. Tlaib, Ms. Escobar, Ms. Omar, Ms. Garcia of Texas, Mr. Espaillat, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, Ms. Judy Chu of California, Mr. Danny K. Davis of Illinois, Ms. Lee of California, Mr. Rush, Mr. Blumenauer, Mr. Takano, Ms. Barragán, Mr. McGovern, Ms. Meng, Mrs. Napolitano, Ms. Schakowsky, Ms. Wilson of Florida, Mr. Serrano, Ms. Clarke of New York, Ms. Norton, Mrs. Watson Coleman, Mr. Vargas, Mr. Cárdenas, Mr. Brown of Maryland, Mr. Johnson of Georgia, Mr. Correa, and Mr. Meeks). It is currently in the House Committee on Immigration and Citizenship.

The bill is so extreme, that it boggles the mind that these idiot Democrats would ever put it to paper. But there it is: HR 5383.

It deletes any private facility that assists with housing illegal aliens. Arresting illegals would require the “least restrictive” conditions. It prohibits any local officials from assisting federal immigration officers or performing any immigration duties.

It also has taxpayers pay to have all criminal illegals that have been deported returned to the United States…calling it the “right to come home.”

The bill completely removes ANY reference to illegals arrested from NCIC information- and demands that  no one have access to such records. Something that explicitly endangers police officers.

“Civil immigration warrants shall not be made available to the officers or employees of any State, or any political subdivision of a State, through the National Crime Information Center database or its incorporated criminal history databases. Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials are prohibited from entering into the National Crime Information Center database or its incorporated criminal history databases information that relates to an alien’s immigration status, the existence of a prior removal, deportation, or voluntary departure order entered against an alien, or any allegations of civil violations of the immigration laws. Any information described in this paragraph that is in the National Crime Information Center database shall be removed from such database not later than 90 days after the enactment of the New Way Forward Act.” HR 5383

In other words, Cpl Ronil Singh‘s death (and others, including civilians,) at the hands of  illegal aliens who were previously deported numerous times is just another ‘racist’ action by law enforcement. This bill makes certain that it will happen again, time after time, because LEOs would not have access to vital information.

Tucker Carlson mentioned some other beauties in the bill according to the New American:

• end automatic deportation for all crimes, including robbery, fraud, and child sexual abuse;

• make aliens who falsify passports immune from deportation, period;

• raise the minimum sentence triggering deportation, for crimes that still require it, from one to five years. Note that “crimes like car theft, fraud, and weapons offenses all carry average prison sentences of fewer than five years,” informs Carlson. Moreover, some rapists, child abusers, and even killers receive less time than that. Yet aliens thus convicted would stay in our country and eventually receive citizenship;

• allow anti-American immigration judges to nullify deportation orders even for aliens with five-year-plus sentences;

• allow drug addicts and those convicted of drug crimes abroad to immigrate to the U.S;

• decriminalize illegal entry, even for the previously deported. The NWFA asserts that “criminalizing illegal entry … is ‘white supremacist,’” relates Carlson; and

• effectively abolish all enforcement against illegal migration.

The bill is so extreme that GovTrack gives it only about 4% chance of passage.  One-fifth of the House Democrats have signed on to sponsor this bill. If the Democrats should continue to use their dirty tricks – voter fraud, gerrymandering, and lies in the media –  to mess with the election in November, and manage to sway the House and Senate in their favor, we will have lost the  country. Be ready, America, this is a fight to save an entire nation.


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  • Estanislado Cerda Jr .

    I’ll tell you what is a better way to treat this insanity , round up all the democratic candidates plus all freshmen senators , Peloski Schumer, bug eyed shifty shift , and ship them all to a secluded Island , dropped them off, set hidden cameras all around , and senser them to see how long it would take before they destroy each other . Best way to rid them all . There useless , and have no place in society !!

  • Jim

    Vote NO. Against this

    • Brandon

      We must now divide the country into 3 halves. We will have the middle part of the US and let the demoncrats take the east coast and west coast. Just like the way India was divided into 3 different countries.

  • Paula Parrish

    This bill is definitely not the way for and should be repealed!!!

  • Wanda o’Harrah

    If this is true, those people have lost their mind. I sincerely doubt if the majority In congress Would even finish reading it oh I barely could. If this is true! Insanity is trying to reign.

  • Kim Borchardt

    Stop this Bill. WTH is going on in Washington?

  • Judith Cochran

    This Bill has to go to the Senate and then if it passes there, on to President Trump’s desk to be VETOED. President Trump isn’t going to pass this Bill. All of those people on that list need to be indicted for SEDITION. They are trying to overturn the Government of the United States. They are all pushing for SOCIALISM.

    • Douglas Ray Wimpee

      If what I’m hearing is true,my God,please help our Congress the knowledge to see the faults,and nip this bill,in the bud.No pun intended.So much of American taxpayer money has been wasted in the last 20 yrs.over such nonsense as this,
      It makes my stomach turn.Yet the American people keep electing these useless to the world politicians into our House and Congress.Myself,strive to feel that I’m a very proud person of this great country and all the while,as time goes by,I feel more and more ashamed,God help me please to understand,to be even remotely part of it.If our politicians even have half of the heart that they claim they have,they would try to totally reform and change the way all things are being done up there on the hill.And people , if we sit back and let things keep going as is,and not join in and help or make them fight it,we are no better than they are for letting this beautiful,great , and wonderful place that we live in and that everyone else that fights to come here to be a part of,won’t be worth living in for our grand children and their grand children.What about it people?

  • Judy

    This is total insanity!!!!! This simply cannot pass or it will be the end of our beloved country as we know it!

  • wayne horine

    This is lunacy. The American people are being subjected to accepting criminals that have no right being part of our society.

  • Carla

    these people should be put away and NEVER seen or heard from again.
    There must be an island some where that they can be put with no communication, in or out.

  • Edward

    I can’t believe that any American no matter where you’re from would ever even think of creating or supporting such a bill. This is totally against our way of life allowing something like this to be sent to be voted on. I say all those that support this bill be removed from office for their anti-American views.

  • Terri Shaw

    I’m trying to encourage as many people that I know to research this bill. Passed it to my Pastor this morning and asked him to research it. Perhaps he’ll mention it one Sunday. Is so very important to vote….so important….

  • Judy

    I feel that as Americans if we do not get involved with who we vote into office and we allow our American rights to be stump on and stump out we deserve what we get. Write you Governor, Senators, your congressman, the Vice president and the President and give your opinion, Don’t want to write just make a phone call.

    • Douglas Wimpee

      What do you mean?Its the same old money and time
      wasting games they’ve been playing for years now to turn your attention to some off the wall carp .Just so that they can pull the rug out from under us on something else.Just another dirty trickpulled by our very child like irresponsible democratic party.Pelosi keeps driving that nail home a little more every time she shows her face in public.I know that nobody does,but if you ask me ,at least10-20%of the dems should go to prison right behind Hillary and the rest of her law breaking cronies.The American people should be ashamed ,I Know that I am,for sitting back and watching it happen like little man bitches.Where’s the backbone gone to folks?

  • Allan

    WTF ails these people? The above named people that sponsored this bill need to be gone from office. It is true that America will not be taken down by an outside source but from within is true and is happening now.

  • Daniel. A.

    That is so dumb… damn freeloading Democrats. They need to be thrown in jail already… (talking about the corrupt democrats in office)

  • Pat White

    Democrats have lost their minds. Leave the illegals back in their own countries being they have also committed crimes and are felons. We have enough to deal with as it is. Why are the Democrats trying to intentionally make life even more complicated and worse fro the real citizens of the USA. The Democrats in the House need to be replaced. They are committing crimes against the citizens of the USA citizens.

  • Nora Davis

    Stop this bill. It is time to protect America. We welcome anyone who comes here legally, but to provide free passes to people that break our laws getting into the country.

  • Danny Hogue

    The House,What a joke.People get out and vote.

  • Mark

    Said no to this bill

  • Dorothy Moore

    I say NO, definitely NOT. I rebuke the spirit behind this.

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