How’s Trump doing? Ask the Stock Market

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The Dow Jones Industrial Exchange on the New York Stock Market hit 20,000 Wednesday morning. Prior to Donald Trump even getting into office, the mainstream media was talking about his bad approval rating and how it didn’t bode well for the country. They have continually slanted their news to make him look as if he’s making a hash of things. So we thought we’d show you the truth.

A Rasmussen poll reveals that Trump’s approval rating is steadily climbing, in spite of the attacks of the left.

The media continually said that Trump would destroy the economy. Is that why this morning the DOW reached 20,000 for the first time in history? The Stock Market is excited about the trend that gives them the hope that there will be more jobs and more opportunities for growth.

The government had been systematically destroying free enterprise for several years due to over-regulation. With the reinstatement of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline, the Stock Market has hit a milestone.

Even the Labor Unions are giving him praise, and they were staunchly against him during the election. Moonbeam Brown from California changed his speech to say something positive about Trump’s plan to improve highways and infrastructure and hire people who have been out of work for years.

The Trump Effect

Breitbart noted,

On Election Night, as Republican nominee Donald Trump began to look suddenly like the winner, Dow futures dropped sharply, by 900 points. But soon after markets opened the next day, the markets began to rally, and have not looked back. Led by Goldman Sachs — which has several alumni in prominent positions in the incoming administration — the Dow rose nearly 1,700 points from November 9 until December 20. It hovered near 20,000 for weeks before finally breaking through the 20K mark.

History will note the gains on President Obama’s watch, but analysts are already calling the post-election rally the “Donald Trump bounce” or the “Trump bump.” As of January 25, 2017, Dow 20K is undoubtedly a Trump administration milestone.

There’s the haggling over the size of the Inaugural crowd that the MSM compares to Obama’s (who cares? We have TV). Then there’s the jealousy over Melania causing leftists like What’s-her-name Handler to constantly harass her, which is a shut-yer-mouth ugly b****issue. Some of us have about had it with the liberals and their distractions.

Real change is happening.

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