How’d that get way up there? American flag appears in top of tree

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Kootenai County, Idaho — KREM news reported that an American flag has mysteriously appeared in the very top of a tall pine tree in North Idaho, and no one has a clue how it got there.

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A patriot placed this flag in the top of a tall pine tree- KREM photo



Fourth of July Pass is 3,173 feet in elevation in the mountains of North Idaho. Someone in the last few days climbed to the top of a pine tree at the summit and placed an American Flag, complete with solar light to make it seen in the dark.

Who did it remains a mystery. 

Travelers along I90, the major interstate highway that traverses the pass, have been noticing the flag in its perch atop the tree. Most of them have admired whoever had the fortitude to climb that high.

“I probably wouldn’t climb the tree myself but obviously somebody knows what they’re doing to get it up there.” Michael Maxwell, witness

The flag is reportedly attached firmly, with even a solar light to make it seen in the dark. The US Forest Service says it’s dangerous to climb such a tall, spindly tree to create the display. But they did mention that they applauded the “patriot” who created the celebration for the flag.


Tree view from the freeway- KREM photo

The tree can be seen from I90. While no one has any idea who put the flag in the treetop, thus far people have admired it. North Idaho is home to many lumberjacks who climb trees for a living, so it’s anyone’s guess who placed it there.

One thing is for certain, it’s best to leave the flag alone now that it’s in the tree. Trying to take it down would be hazardous to your health unless you know what you’re doing.

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