Houston Astros First Baseman Yuli Gurriel – Racist?

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Yuli Gurriel plays baseball for the Houston Astros. During Game 3 of the World Series, he appeared to pull his eyes into a slant, a gesture which immediately put him on blast as “racist” against Japanese.

Gurriel apologized, but of course that won’t due in today’s world. It is likely he will be suspended at some point.

Apparently the media made more of an issue out of it than Mr. Darvish, who graciously said that “everyone makes mistakes.”


Cuban born Astros player, Yuli Gurriel, just made the news and liberals along with the media are freaking out for his taunting mocking expression of the slanted Asian eyes to Yu Darvish… who happens to be Japanese.

Cubans raised and born in Cuba do not see racism as described by liberals, as anyone can see Yuli himself is mixed – he is neither black or white, he probably is at least part Chinese himself since in the early 1800s the Chinese were brought into Cuba to compensate for African slave workers. Cuba is a true melting pot, they have Russians, Chinese, Europeans, Africans and everything else you think of. It’s not a nationality confined to the color of skin, but by where you were born. As Yuri made the statement, in Cuba they called everyone “Chino” who is from Asia but he should have also stated Cubans call White, Black or anyone else “Chino” too.

A black man could be called “Russian,” a White man could be could a “Negro” – these are names Cubans use lightly not to offend, but as endearment of one’s good personality traits. Because of the Chinese community in Cuba they have their own Cuban Chinese cuisine that’s well known in the culinary world.

Chinese Cubans also reinvented the way Cubans roast pork with a perfect invention called the “Caja China” or otherwise known as the Chinese box, which can perfectly roast a whole pig in less than 3 hours comparing to having to manually spin the pig for 8 to 10 hrs.

I was born in Cuba and lived there 13 years, so I understand the Cuban culture. This is no difference than picking a person that looks Cuban to take part in a movie where Cubans are actors, no different than choosing an Asian person to play the part of an Asian person. Will this be considered racist ten years from now?

I see this bias every day. I listen to the comedy shows by minorities joking about White people in stereotypical ways, ‘white people can’t dance, white people are privileged, white people don’t get shot by cops’ etc. When Kris Rock makes fun of Asian people or Latinos for the way they talk or their culture or the way they look, is he being racist? If so, how come black and Latino or minorities can get away with making “racially insensitive” humor?

When I joined the Marine Corps and got to my Battalion 3/7 I was the only Cuban. I recall my brothers calling me Ricky Ricardo, or the phrase “Lucy I am home” would be heard in the barracks every time I came around, they were other more personal statements like singing the nursery rhyme “row row your boat”…did it bother me? Hell NO, I thought it was hilarious, and when they asked me to speak like Tony Montana from the Movie Scarface, I would give them my best impersonation even though I think they were better at it than myself.

The media has long promoted the leftist Democrats and even the so called passive Conservatives continue to use the word “racist, racism” as a token for attention and media ratings. It gets everyone fired up and arguing with each other over the stupidest, dumbest shit in the world.

In Sports, all gloves are off and I mean all Sports includes players on both sides who mock each other. For example, like when McGregor told Mayweather “Dance for me boy.” It’s the way players psych each other out to throw their opponent off their game. It’s not personal – we did this to each other when we were kids, when we called each other names when we were on opposite teams.

We did this to our siblings if we had any, to throw them off and get an advantage on the game. Just stop letting media control and dictate what is racist and what is not. Are we going to remove the Leprechauns off the Cereal Boxes because if we follow this mentality, leprechauns depicting Irish people are Racist? Are we going to stop making Polack Jokes? Or making fun of the French for being such a bunch of coward pussys?

Now we have colleges across America prohibiting anyone to dress like a Taco or a Mexican or Japanese to not offend anyone… really? What’s the point of dressing up in costumes in the first place?

Just stop it already, America is not racist, we are not racist, let people be themselves. Those who talk about racism, who throw the race card every chance they get, are the most racist of them all.

We do have cultural stereotypes and we all should laugh with each other. We have them. Get over it. Embrace them all the good and the bad. There was a time when we used to laugh at each other with no holds barred. Let’s go back to those times when we as Americans can be Americans once again, embracing all of our flaws and beauty to be ourselves and speak our minds. Being offended doesn’t make you right; censoring someone because you are offended makes it even worse.

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