House Votes to Ban Confederate Flags on VA Cemetery Flagpoles

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PC Police Strike Again

The Democratic establishment in Washington, D.C. has once again taken up the banner of political correctness in an attempt to further erase our nation’s history, and demonize anyone who would dare acknowledge it. This of course is nothing new, but in this case it is the descendants of fallen veterans from the Civil War era who are being attacked. The ban went through on a 265-159 House vote.


Cofederate flags in Veterans’ cemetery – Photo via GOPUSA

So what exactly does this mean? According to, it is permitted only two days out of the calendar year to fly flag displays over mass graves at VA cemeteries. The amendment proposed by Rep. Jarred Huffman (D-CA) bans the flying of the Confederate Flag on the two days out of the year that it is permissible to fly flags on federally-controlled cemeteries.

He said: “Over 150 years ago, slavery was abolished. Why in the year 2016 are we still condoning displays of this hateful symbol on our sacred national cemeteries?” A video of Rep. Huffman speaking about his amendment is available on

 Fanning the Flames of Racism

An article in The Washington Post quoted two sponsors of the bill, one of whom went as far as to exploit peoples’ reverence for fallen heroes to justify the agenda:

“Let’s stop pretending the Confederate flag isn’t a symbol of racism. The Confederate flag represents hate and intolerance and is a painful reminder of a terrible time in our history. VA cemeteries should be a place where we honor and pay tribute to American war heroes – not a place where we preserve the symbols of slavery and Jim Crow.”

-Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.)

The Confederate battle flag is also a symbol of treason,” said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), another sponsor of the bill. Of Union soldiers, Ellison said, we “owe these brave Americans a solemn debt. We should ensure that the flag that their enemies carried so proudly does not fly above their graves.”

The Voices of Opposition

Not everyone was too afraid to speak out against the amendment, however. One lone Democrat voted against the bill. Rep. Sanford D. Bishop Jr. of Georgia – who is an African-American and army veteran – said:

“While as a descendant of slaves I find the Confederate flag and the history it represents deeply offensive, I believe that the descendants of Confederate veterans should not be denied the privilege of honoring their dead ancestors two days of the year on a flagpole where their beloved are buried in mass graves.” also reported:

“A staffer for Georgia Republican Lynn Westmoreland sent out an e-mail blasting the amendment as something ISIS would do. ‘You know who else supports destroying history so that they can advance their own agenda? ISIL. Don’t be like ISIL. I urge you to vote NO,’ Westmoreland’s legislative director, Pete Sanborn, said in an e-mail. Sanborn reportedly signed the e-mail, ‘Yours in freedom from the PC police.’”

It should be noted that the ban only applies to flying of the Confederate flags on poles two days out of the year; it does not apply to miniature flags placed on individual graves.

Nonetheless, this can set a startling precedent for the distortion and elimination of history, something the world was warned about by the great Eric Blair. What’s next? The Gadsden flag, or perhaps the American flag itself?

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