House Passes Amnesty Bill

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The alternate reality present in the House of Representatives caused 7 Republicans to vote for the major amnesty bill, HR 6, the American Dream and Promise Bill of 2019. But as the border crisis increases exponentially, Congress creates incentives for more illegals.

Chuck Schumer stated that the border crisis is “manufactured,” echoing something Pelosi said months ago. But these Congress members have not bothered to really investigate it, and they refuse to listen to the Border Patrol officials’ cry for help. Instead of paying attention, they passed an Amnesty Bill.

Dan Stein, in an op-ed for The Hill noted,

“House Democrats also unveiled their immigration proposal. In the alternative universe where many Democratic lawmakers reside, there is no border crisis, the abuse of political asylum on a grand scale is not occurring, children are not being placed in harm’s way and dying while entering the U.S., and aliens being released on a daily basis is not a problem (unless they happen to be released in the deep blue sanctuary jurisdictions they represent). The crisis, as far as the House majority is concerned, is the lack of amnesty for illegal aliens already here, and the first package of immigration-related legislation approved by the Democratic-controlled Judiciary Committee aims to “fix” that problem.

H.R.6, the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019, is actually two amnesty bills that leadership decided to package together. The first bill in this package is the Dream Act of 2019, which would grant amnesty to illegal aliens who entered the United States as minors and benefits roughly 3 million illegal aliens. The second is the American Promise Act, which would grant amnesty to people who were allowed to remain in the United States under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) because of political turmoil or natural disaster in their homelands. The fact that we already have fulfilled our promise of temporary protection, and they have reneged on their promise to return home, does not seem to register with anyone in this alternative universe.

Sí se puede!” Chants erupted in the gallery and across the Democrat controlled House as the vote was recorded at 237-187. The President has threatened to veto it, and its prospects are dim in the Senate. But that they even brought it up in the first place is a sad reminder that Democrats are focused on open borders and are ignoring the real crisis.

These Republicans voted for the amnesty bill: Bacon (NE), Diaz-Balart (FL), Fitzpatrick (PA), Hurd (TX), Newhouse (WA), Smith (NJ), Upton (MI).

The White House proposal for fixing the border crisis was met with the Amnesty bill instead of real action. President Trump put out a plan that would fix the incentive-laden mess currently in place in American immigration laws. The plan included, “closing loopholes in our asylum laws, expedited termination of meritless asylum claims, allowing families to be detained as a unit, and returning unaccompanied minors to their homelands.”

Keep in mind that as long as there is incentive to come here, illegals will still come.

The Amnesty bill contains no security measures, and provides a path to citizenship, according to Fox. “To qualify for legal residence, the Dreamers and other immigrants brought to the U.S. could qualify if they attain college degrees, serve in the military or have worked at least three years. They can apply for citizenship after another five years.”

It’s an alternative reality in Congress.

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