Hostage Situation at Wells Fargo Bank in Georgia Ends

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A man claiming to have a bomb that could “take out a room” held people hostage at the Wells Fargo bank in Marietta, Georgia a north suburb of Atlanta. He is dead, reportedly by a member of the tactical team after a standoff – it is being investigated as an officer-involved shooting. The hostages are all unharmed.

The suspect entered the bank at around 9:30 a.m. and called WSB Channel 2 news at 10:30 a.m.

He told the news station that he had two hostages and a bomb, and said if he decided to detonate the bomb, he’d let the hostages go because he didn’t want to hurt anyone. The news station was able to speak with the hostages, who told them they were both ok.

He discussed his life with the news station WSB-TV for about 30 minutes. WSB reported,

In a conversation that lasted more than 30 minutes with a Channel 2 Action News assignment editor, the suspect said he was a homeless, Marine veteran who served two tours in Iraq with a supply company.

He told our assignment editor he was unhappy with his experiences with the VA and has no money to buy food or water. He has been staying at a hotel but said he has no money to continue living there.

Our assignment editor describes his tone as calm and respectful during their conversation.

After about 2 hours, all hostages were released unharmed. The suspect remained inside the building. At around 1 pm, according to WSB, a robot breached the front door of the bank to give police a view of the suspect. The Guardian reported that a “military vehicle” smashed through a back wall of the bank to give hostages a way out. The actual details are unclear at this point.






At this point it is unknown whether he actually had a bomb as he claimed, but the police robot disposed of his backpack.

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