Hong Kong Protesters Say Thanks to President Trump

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On Thanksgiving, Hong Kong protesters said thank you to President Trump and Congress for the signing of the bill which stands with them in their fight for freedom. All along, they have sung the US National Anthem, and waved American flags in their quest, but this was even more intense. They even sported a meme of Trump as Rocky Balboa that he tweeted earlier in the week (one that drove leftists crazy).

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was passed unanimously through both houses of Congress, and President Trump signed it.  The Act imposes sanctions on the Chinese government for their treatment of protesters, so the US military was barred from Hong Kong ports because of our support for the protesters, according to NPR.

The South China Morning Post reported,

Hundreds of people gathered at Chater Garden on Sunday afternoon to thank US President Donald Trump for signing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act that could lead to diplomatic and economic sanctions on the city.

The rally, “Thank You US”, organised by a localist group called Hong Kong Autonomy Action (HKAA), saw people waving American flags and marching to the US Consulate in Central.

“We thank the US for signing the act. It will continue to put pressure on the Hong Kong government. Thank you for not forsaking us,” a member of the HKAA, who gave his name as Tony, said at the rally.

The rally also carried strong messages against the Communist Party of China.

To the strains of America the Beautiful and Star Spangled Banner, Hong Kong protesters desperately want their freedom from the repressive Chinese government. Instead of an “autonomous city,” Hong Kong is a city under the thumb of Beijing. These protesters would like that to end permanently.

Featured photo: screenshot via The Epoch Times Hong Kong


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