Hong Kong Coup: Pro-Democracy Legislators Forcibly Removed

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This is how Communism works: no choices. In Hong Kong on Monday, 9 pro-Democracy legislators were forcibly removed from a meeting so that they couldn’t vote for a pro-Democracy candidate. Consequently, the pro-Communist candidate was “unanimously” elected. They’re calling it the “Hong Kong Coup.”

Removing the opposition – here are the videos

The Hong Kong Coup

Why is all of this an issue? Dennis Kwok is a pro-Democracy member and was the Deputy Chair on the Legislative Committee (LegCo). Kwok and other pro-democracy members (whom Beijing has criticized) were forcibly removed in what is being described as the Hong Kong Coup. Of course then the Pro-Beijing person was easily “elected.”

The Associated Press reported,

“Kwok was replaced Friday by Chan Kin-por, who was appointed by the legislature’s president to preside over Monday’s election. After scuffles and shouting matches led to Chan ejecting most of the pro-democracy lawmakers, the election took place, with pro-Beijing lawmaker Starry Lee winning easily.

Her election will likely speed up the passing of a controversial bill that would criminalize abuse of the Chinese national anthem. Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, said last week that passing the bill was a priority for the government, and the bill will be presented to the committee on May 27.”

Why? The Chinese Communist Party has plans to pass Article 23, which essentially destroys any right of protest in Hong Kong and provides major punishment for those who do. It also criminalizes the Hong Kong anthem created by protesters. It is the death nell to the “autonomous region” that was known as Hong Kong.

“The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall enact laws on its own to prohibit any act of treason, secession, sedition, subversion against the Central People’s Government, or theft of state secrets, to prohibit foreign political organisations or bodies from conducting political activities in the Region, and to prohibit political organisations or bodies of the Region from establishing ties with foreign political organisations or bodies.” Article 23

If the US had a similar law, every person who participated in the lockdown protests would be charged with sedition or treason. Severe punishment for questioning authority. If Hong Kong does pass Article 23, all who participated in the year long demontrations for freedom will be in serious jeopardy. Passing the bill is a priority of the Communist Beijing government.

The law would make their recently created “Glory to Hong Kong” anthem illegal, and anyone caught singing it would be arrested.

So here we have the problem that was created when Britain gave Hong Kong to China in 1997: their freedom is now nearly completely destroyed. China conned the UK into giving it back,and now the people of the once autonomous region of “one country, two systems” are under the thumb of the CCP. China wanted their prosperity, but took their liberty along with it.

Featured photo: screenshot of Hong Kong lawmaker being removed from the meeting via Twitter


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