Honduran Woman Who Complained About Mexican Frijoles (Beans) Arrested in Texas for Assault With a Deadly Weapon

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In November, Mirian Zelaya Gomez, was traveling with a caravan from Honduras to Mexico in hopes of obtaining asylum in the US. But she came with a very bad attitude…when Mexicans gave her beans and tortillas, she declared it was “pig food.” Now, after gaining entrance to the United States, she was arrested along with her sister for assaulting the woman who owns the property where Mirna was renting. Assaulted the owner with a gun. Brilliant.

Suspect at a Mexican restaurant shortly before arrest (Screenshot)

Mirian Zelaya Gomez, 38, was arrested with her sister, Mirna Zeleya Gomez, 33, on March 27. They allegedly used a gun to commit the assault. They are now at the disposal of Immigration, and are being held at Kays Tower in Dallas, Texas on $10,000 bond each. But Mirian’s claim to fame came much earlier when she insulted the Mexicans while being part of a migrant caravan in Tijuana.

One Conservative Mexican lady who does news videos said this: “You do not come to Mexico and insult our people. Forget about the beans. You don’t insult my people by turning down food. We have people starving, committing suicide in Mexico because they don’t have food.” Paloma at TCM

She’s right. Zelaya Gomez literally insulted the very food that nearly every Mexican eats on a daily basis: refried beans and tortillas. Numerous videos attacking the woman for her ungrateful remarks were created after that incident. She then “apologized,” but most of the videos said they were “fake tears.” She said her remarks were due to “stress.”

Another woman stated in a video that people like her would “rob you and steal from you.” That was back in November.

Mirian goes by several variant names

There are no details on the charges against either woman. Zelaya Gomez was granted asylum. It’s going to be tough for her to claim that assaulting the other woman was due to “stress.”

Breitbart reports the incident as :
Jail records from Dallas County jail revealed that Mirian Zelaya and Mirna Zelaya are both being held in a detention center on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. While jail records do not reveal the details that led to the charge, the news outlet Mundo Hispanico revealed that the two women allegedly beat another woman who was providing them with housing.

Ungrateful people are dangerous. They only think about themselves and their desires and are never thankful for anything unless it fits those desires.

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