Homeowner Armed With AR-15 Takes Down Home Invaders

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Ocala, FL – To those who think “assault rifles” can’t or “shouldn’t” be used in home defense, this story may come as a shock. A Florida homeowner armed with AR-15 took down two of four armed home invaders on July 10, according to the Ocala Star Banner.

A man came to the front door of the 61 year old homeowner’s house and said that he had car trouble. Since the homeowner lives at the end of a long, single driveway on a 20 acre plot in Ocala, the man’s statement was unlikely. The homeowner also “barely” recognized him from a CraigsList transaction previously. (Blue Lives Matter)

Homeowner armed with AR-15

The homeowner advised the man that he was “disabled” and couldn’t help him. He never opened the door. At about 8:20 p.m., the homeowner heard a loud crash through the front door of his trailer. He grabbed the AR-15 that he keeps by his bed and went to see what was happening.

He saw an armed, masked man in his living room and shot him. Then another man came at him and he shot that one too. Two others fled. The homeowner was shot in the stomach, but locked himself in the bedroom after the altercation until police arrived.

Police arrived to find Nigel Doyle, 22, wounded with a shotgun beside him. Keith Jackson, 21, was dead in the dining room. He was wearing a “Jason mask” and was armed with a semi-automatic pistol. Doyle expired at the hospital. The homeowner was in stable condition as of July 11. He identified Jackson as the one who shot him.

The other two suspects Seth Rodriguez and Robert Hamilton were located with the help of police K9s. Police also located the Volkswagen used by the group parked near the home with the doors left open.

Rodriguez told police that they planned to rob the home for marijuana and guns. He was charged with murder and home invasion robbery with a firearm. Two of the suspects have criminal records.

Hamilton was charged with home invasion robbery with a firearm. Both men were held without bond.

The homeowner’s gun was legally acquired. He will face no charges.

Featured photo: L- Seth Rodriguez R-Robert Hamilton

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