Hollywood Star Teaches his Son the Pledge of Allegiance (video)

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Chris Pratt is a 35 year old, 6 ft 2 inch hunk of a Hollywood actor.  As one of GQ’s 2014 Men of the Year, he is one of those rare Hollywood types that actually has a patriotic bent.

pledge of allegiance

Chris Pratt teaches his son, Jack the Pledge of Allegiance

Over Memorial day, Chris took his young son Jack out on the front porch of his home and taught him the Pledge of Allegiance. The video of that teaching moment has gone viral in its Patriotic beauty.

Chris is an ‘unabashed’ gun owner and Christian – those two things are a serious rarity in Hollywood. It’s likely only because he’s making networks money that he is doing so well. But his most endearing quality is that he loves his wife (Anna Faris) and son Jack…and he loves America. And he is not afraid to say so.

Eagle Rising wrote,

Pratt is also easy to like because of how he handles himself in the “real world.” He’s a happily married man who speaks glowingly of his wife. He’s a proud dad who seems to dote on his son. He’s an American who seems to love being an American (a rare feat for a famous actor). He’s also an outspoken gun-owner and an unabashed Christian who is happy to talk about praying for his family.

Chris is starring in Jurassic World, the newest in the Jurassic series that will be released on June 12. He has been in such shows as “Guardians of the Galaxy” and  “Parks and Recreation.”

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