Hobby Lobby Under “Fire” for Humorous Gun Signs

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Hobby Lobby is ‘under fire’ for selling humorous signs that one anti-gun activist says “promotes gun violence,” according to Yahoo News. Leslie Ruffing from Aurora, Illinois, claims that while shopping at Hobby Lobby, she ran across signs that offended her from the “gun culture.” She claims to be a “gun violence prevention advocate.” She also has no sense of humor. After she tweeted on the subject and got some backlash, she protected her tweets. Some are calling for a boycott of Hobby Lobby over her complaint.

She notified Hobby Lobby and told them she wanted the complaint to go to corporate.

“@HobbyLobby I’d love to know why on earth you think it’s OK to sell merchandise that blatantly glorifies and encourages gun violence.
I echoed my disgust to the manger [sic]on duty who agreed to elevate my concern to your corporate office.
It’s 2019. Let’s do better.” Leslie Ruffing

Twitter screenshot via Leslie Ruffing

Not only did she tweet her displeasure, but she also claimed that she was “frightened” of the gun culture.

“We’re scared to go church, to the movies, to concerts, scared to send our children to schools. Those who contribute to this dangerous gun culture should be held accountable.” Leslie Ruffing

She wants us all held accountable because the “gun culture” is “dangerous.” The signs are well known as jokes – and unless she’s only 2 years old, they have been around for decades. She declared that those kind of signs have killed people. (Seriously).

“This type of ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ mentality is incredibly dangerous to our society and leads to innocent people dying. I’d like to know how they can justify putting profits over people at a time in our country where we are experiencing more mass shootings than days this year.” Leslie Ruffing

We recently wrote about the flawed research of anti-gunners. This is a huge example of exactly that. What I would like to know is why she went to Hobby Lobby in the first place – most leftists wouldn’t be caught dead in that store because of its owner.

Personally, I believe this was a setup. What she is trying to say is that law-abiding gun owners are “dangerous.” If 150 million or more people were really that dangerous, they’d know about it. If she wants to complain about something “glorifying murder,” she should listen to rap music.

First off, I seriously doubt she goes to church in the first place. But if she lets the media run her life in this way it’s no wonder she has no sense of humor.

But think about this: Hobby Lobby is WELL KNOWN to be a business owned by Christian David Green. Much like the furor the left has cooked up against Chick-Fil-A, this could very well be a concerted effort to cause harm to the business.

So no, I don’t believe her one little bit. The left is heavy into trying to destroy  businesses, innocent people, and anyone else they determine doesn’t agree with their agenda.

Featured photo: Twitter screenshot via Leslie Ruffing


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  • Evelyn Romero

    Offensive to who? Trespassers? Robbers?? Criminals?? This is about as ridiculous as the time people were claiming hobby lobby was racist for selling cotton stems/decor. This is ridiculous!

    • Dinah Pflueger

      I’m definitely going shopping more at Hobby Lobby!

    • Melinda Clarkson

      I am going to purchase these signs, love those!
      Hilarious! keep those in stock!

  • Dale

    Need to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a few items

    • Mike

      Um, me too…

    • Thomas Brandow

      I’m with you on that

    • Eli

      Another democratic thought ???

      • Richard

        Need this sign in my man cave. Hobby Lobby is a great place to shop
        Do not give in to this anti-gun stupidity.

    • John

      Thanks for tweeting I’m on my way to Hobby Lobby to hit me one maybe 2

    • Bryan

      I want one. better yet great Christmas presents too.!!!

  • Spider

    I think she is about as smart as a box of rocks.If she ever needs a police officer they can leave their guns behind and bring a club with them.God Guns and Guts built our great Country.For God And Country!!!

    • Dina

      I’m definitely going shopping more at Hobby Lobby!

  • ed

    i say hobby lobby we stand behind you keep selling them we do buy and support your store and we all need to help store that are being attack and help support the businesses to fight them

  • Sonia

    Oh sweet…heading to hobby lobby. Need some signs

  • PaulG

    Tell Leslie Ruffing to piss up a rope

    • Sharyn Cox

      Love Hobby Lobby! They have a lot of great, classic stuff….including signs. I do have to say this, though. Liberals, I am so offended by your total lack of a sense of humor and tolerance for others that I might just have to go into a safe place and pout for a while, then demand the impeachment of all those Democrats who made you this way!.

  • Cynthia

    I stand with Hobby Lobby

  • Wayne Weeks

    I stand with Hobby Lobby. I would love to hear how this promotes gun violence when it clearly deals with protecting yourself and loved ones. Apparently this person is oblivious to the fact that the local law enforcement is probably telling folks they do not have the resources to respond quickly.

  • Rod

    I need one

  • Robert Wyant

    Funny story about my one and only trip (but now thinking I need to go back) to Hobby Lobby. A friend and I decided to go to to the guys stores one rainy day- Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, and Hooters for lunch. Well I saw Hobby Lobby, and pulled in. He asked what are we doing here? I said I wanted to see the gas R/C stuff. Maybe even get a helicopter. He snickered but didn’t say anything. Well we walk in, and I start looking around. What the **** is this? He started laughing. Dude, this is for Women’s hobbies! No models or R/C cars! I made him buy at Hooters for that stunt!

  • Beth Street

    Not meant to be funny, its a fact. Get over it. If someone trespasses they will be shot!
    I stand with Hobby Lobby!
    They are very religious and are closed on Sundays so they and their employees can spend time with their families and attend church. People need to lay off them!

  • Melanie

    That’s what’s wrong with people today, EVERYTHING offends them. ? They would probably be offended if you farted the wrong way. ?

    I stand behind Hobby Lobby, and to anyone reading this that’s offended….Need a tissue for all that whining you’re doing? ?

  • Kathleen

    I agree with all these comments some people get offended and shouldn’t be when it’s not stated fact I mean police can’t go help everyone all the time they’re still human need to grow up stop acting like little spoiled children

  • Raymond

    These people who are crying about this need to grow up and stop acting like a bunch of babies. These people need to probably have their diaper changed and stay away from the public

  • Michael

    What a snowflake. Take a chill pill, lady. Someone call her a WAH-mbulance.

  • Josh

    How did some Americans get to be such pussies, the same people that had a make shift army that whipped a tyrannical governments ass 240 years ago. We need to step up and be Americans not pussy assholes.

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