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Something very strange happened yesterday in Russia, something strange and dangerous. A car driven by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personal chauffeur was involved in a car accident and the driver was killed. Putin was not in the car at the time. He is safe and sound, most likely in a secret undisclosed location…

Violent collision

Calling what happened in this incident a car “accident” is actually off the mark. This was a car “wreck” as in a violent, high speed, head on collision. There are still photos and actual video of the crash and it’s devastating to watch.

It’s actually very disturbing to watch knowing that someone actually died as a result of the collision. What makes it so disturbing is that it appears that it wasn’t an accident, rather more of an intentional act.hit

Questionable circumstances

The cars in question are each heading toward each other on opposite sides of a divided, multi lane highway. Suddenly one of them crosses the center divider at a very high rate of speed and collides head on into the other almost as if it was on purpose.

The road conditions are clear and appear dry. There were no other cars near either of the vehicles that caused them to deviate from their lane of travel. No environmental or road conditions are obvious contributing factors. Both cars are totaled instantly.

Clear explanation is missing

I have responded to a lot of car wrecks in my career as a professional firefighter. I have WITNESSED car wrecks on multiple occasions. Usually there is a pretty clear explanation of what happened. I have no explanation for this wreck. Today’s cars are built better than ever, but even modern construction and modern safety standards can only do so much when high speed is involved.

However I don’t go in for conspiracies theories easily. Given the tensions between Russian Vladimir Putin and any number of foreign powers and governments (or people), it’s as likely this was an attempted assassination, an attempt to send him a not so subtle message or just what it appears to be- another unexplained Russian traffic accident.

But you have to admit- a traffic accident gives a rogue government or agency the ultimate “plausible deniability.” Given the mysteries and intrigue that surround all things coming out of Mother Russia historically speaking- we may just never know.

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