HIMARS Takes Down Fifty High Level Taliban Leaders

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The Pentagon said that last week, the use of a HIMARS system took out around 50 top Taliban leaders in Afghanistan who were at a “command and control” location. The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS, is capable of firing GPS-guided rockets.

In addition to those, over the last 10 days, US air strikes reportedly took out an “unspecified number” of Taliban, according to Military Times.

The May 24th rocket attack in Musa Qala District in Helmand province was announced last week, but the military did not have an accounting of casualties. Officials are hoping that these 50 top Taliban leaders will cause a major rift in the Taliban’s abilities –  and be “felt beyond Helmand province,” according to Lt. Col. Martin O’Donnell.

Afghanistan- a huge can of jihadist worms

Afghanistan has become a giant sized headache, and analysts don’t see any forward movement in the conflict. There are about 15,000 troops in the country, but the Taliban and ISIS-K, not to mention scores of affiliate terror groups are sort of like rapidly reproducing rats. No matter how many are killed, they seem to keep coming.

If confirmed by the Senate, Army Lt Gen Scott Miller has been nominated to become a 4 star, and will possibly replace Gen John Nicholson, who is stepping down this summer as head of US and coalition forces in Afghanistan.


According to a report in Army Technology,

“HIMARS is operated by a crew of three – driver, gunner and section chief – but the computer-based fire control system enables a crew of two or even a single soldier to load and unload the system. The fire control system includes video, keyboard control, a gigabyte of programme storage and global positioning system. The fire control computer allows firing missions to be carried out in automatic or manual mode.

In a typical mission, a command and control post would transmit the selected target data via a secure data link to the HIMARS on-board launch computer. The computer then aims the launcher and provides prompt signals to the crew to arm and fire a pre-selected number of rounds. The launcher can aim at a target in just 16 seconds. It is possible for the crew to select preprogrammed multiple mission sequences which have been stored in the computer.”

GPS-guided rockets. Lethal. Both the US Army and US Marine Corps use them and have been doing so for many years.

Featured photo: “U.S. Marines with Task Force Southwest launch a rocket from a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System toward a Taliban target in Sangin district, Afghanistan during Operation Maiwand Nine, Dec. 8, 2017. (U.S. Marine Corps photo/Lucas Hopkins)”

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