Hillary’s lie – the Devil (Colin Powell) Made Me do it

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In Hillary’s version of the “Devil made me do it,” she claimed that former Secretary of State Colin Powell “recommended” that she use a private email server. Only that’s not true, and even Facebook played right along with her narrative. It’s another Clinton lie.

The vast left-wing conspiracy

Clinton used the term a “vast right wing conspiracy” when talking about the attacks against her husband in 1998. Since the she has used it several times, including her current campaign for President. She uses it to deflect from her own lies and obfuscation of the facts.  But she has her own left-wing conspiracy that is intent to make her win, and it includes Facebook.

When the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton she told them that Colin Powell was the one who “advised” her to use a private email server.

According to the New York Times,

“Pressed by the F.B.I. about her email practices at the State Department,Hillary Clinton told investigators that former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell had advised her to use a personal email account.”

Colin Powell denied Hillary’s claim.

Facebook manipulated the news to cover Hillary by placing a false story that was slipped into “trending.” After the DailyCaller story came out, it was removed from the list. But not before a screen shot of their lie was taken.


The DailyCaller reported,

Clinton not only exclusively used private email for all her communications as secretary of state, she took the unprecedented step of setting up her own private email system and server which kept all of her communications with anyone not using an official government email address off the government grid, shielding them from Freedom of Information Act requests. The Facebook story makes no mention of this or that Clinton’s shadow email system contained classified material, something Powell’s statement explicitly said he used a secure State Department computer to handle.

To place blame for her own actions on a Former Secretary of State and a man who served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (even though he’s a raging liberal) is plain sick. He of all people understands what  using a private email server would do for classified material – leave it open to our enemies.

The Facebook would create a false story to cover her is seriously messed up.

That “devil made me do it” blame game is about as raunchy as it gets.


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