Hillary wants our guns and our answer is simple

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When a liberal communist Democrat like Hillary wants our guns, cool! We just have to skirt their efforts like Hillary skirts her violation of federal law with her email scandal. But we can do it legally…at least for now.

 hillary wants our guns

These submachine pistols are just a few of the kind of guns you can make yourself.

Do It Yourself  Weapons

For many centuries, people have made their own arms. These skilled individuals have always been on the forefront of scrutiny, because  people in power want to control others and regulate arms. Thanks to today’s technology, we have many ways to make arms that weren’t as available years before.

We can make all gun registries null and void in one simple and easy step. If we all make our own firearms, as per federal law, we don’t need a serial number and we are the manufacturer — so there is nothing to register. No serial number, no registration, plain and simple.

There are dozens of different types of firearms that can be made at home and they are all legal as long as you follow the GCA and NFA federal regulations and state laws.

California has been a hot bed for gun control and millions of 80% firearms have been bought and manufactured at home. They are all virtually untraceable and have no way to get any registration information from them.  California bill SB808 would have required homemade gun makers to apply for a serial number for their guns- but the Governor vetoed it. (Not that it helped with all the other anti-gun legislation they passed.)

What happens if guns are banned?

So let’s say they banned all guns. How can you find a gun that was manufactured at home or even date when it was made?  It is impossible.

As a mechanical engineer, I know there is no way to tell when something was made on a machine in that manner – it could have been hours or even decades and there is no way to tell. What does this mean to all of us that will vow they’ll have to “pry it from my cold dead hands?”

If you can’t buy store guns, you won’t need to worry – you will be able to make your own, even if the government should delete the Second Amendment entirely.

Information all over the internet shows us how to make everything from pipe submachine guns, to the shovel that made the receiver for an AK style rifle, to a guy who made the iron Glock, and many more improvised guns.

Most of the builds require high levels of machining and knowledge of tools, but an AK style rifle requires minimal knowledge. An AR15 style lower receiver is all that’s required to mill out the fire control group. All of these firearms are great choices to fight gun control. Future articles will show how to build different firearms and the tools you need.

ghost gun

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