Hillary Trolls Attempt to Intimidate Conservatives – Democrats Running Scared!

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The left is running scared of Conservatives that are awake. Just in the last 24 hours, Uncle Sam’s alone has been hit by nasty Hillary trolls who have tried to intimidate us. Like THAT’s going to work.  Not. We aren’t the only ones who have been hit by a plethora of trolls…the Hillary camp is obviously running scared.

The put-down tactic

I woke up to the first one from a person not connected to me who said:

“Give it up with your lies and I’ll [sic] fated attempts of twisting the truth. It’s obvious that you’ll defend anything this sick twisted less than a man says or does…Obviously you never made it as a journalist so the only means of getting notice is your ridiculous website with no traffic.” 

Hahahaha as if I cared about being a “Journalist” in the first place. I’m a patriot, not a left wing puppet.

Then there was this gem that Tank received:

“LOL the one who is kissing ass is you to all those white folks. You’re a disgrace to all Hispanics. A rapist pedophile for president!”

Oh look, a rapist pedophile who WAS President and his enabling, vicious wife who IS running for President. Lol they’re really talking smack.

We ignore them, block and ban them like everyone else. One Conservative Page, Christians for Trump, says they’ve had so many trolls lately he’s actually lost sleep from the onslaught. Delete, ban, block, delete, ban, block, repeat… it all takes time and effort.

The Intimidation tactic

This lovely piece showed up:

“Hi. Your blatant attempt at voter deception has earned you the attention of the FBI and very likely a pair of handcuffs. Congratulations. Perhaps your time behind bars can be effectively spend [sic] getting a GED.”

Nice try, stupid. The First amendment still applies to us, regardless of your attempt to intimidate. In fact, your comment could easily be viewed as a threat. Hmmmm…

Leftists Desperate

Tim Selaty, Sr of the Citizens for Trump page told us,

“…there has been a hug influx of trolls on all of our groups and pages as well. They’re pulling out all the stops because they’re desperate…The strategy of defaming Trump to get our people to fall away and more directly, they’re trying to vilify Trump so bad that it motivates their voting base to get of the couch and vote…It’s failing badly.”

Other Conservative pages also have had an increase in trolls. Conservative Firing Line’s Joe Newby, stated that the trolls  have posted pornography on his pages, or nasty comments designed to elicit angry responses. Great. They whine about Trump but they post pornography. Smart folks, these Democrats. Not.
Some of us have had direct emails from the Hillary camp sent to us telling us to “get out the vote for Hillary in swing states.” That’s not going to happen. But it does allow us to make some really funny, if colorful,  responses. Use your imagination.
George Soros set aside money for Hillary Trolls to roam around looking for victims, as we reported earlier in the year. These asshats are being paid to troll Conservative sites, especially ones that have a large audience.
So if you have a Conservative Page, you already know about the trolls. If you are not aware of it, pay attention, because the hate is increasing. It’s in the air, you know.



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