Hillary Presidency Means George W Last Republican President

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A Hillary Clinton presidency likely means that President George W. Bush will become the last Republican president for the United States of America. Thanks to the amnesty Clinton has vowed to enact for millions of undocumented Democrats, the deck will be stacked in their favor so that a future Republican win would be impossible.

How could this happen?

The electoral college system starts off every presidential election cycle in favor of Democrats. As president, Hillary will issue executive orders, if she has to, to create redistricting around the country to ensure an even stronger hold on the electoral college for years to come.

Couple this scenario with her appointment of several liberal Supreme Court justices and, presto, we have a one-party government, for the most part. Maybe a Republican Congress could stop some of this from happening. Yeah, right. When have they stopped a damn thing?

Republican Bush

It took about 230 years, but liberalism and political correctness, combined with a dishonest press, has brought America to its knees from within. Barack Obama was the wrecking ball and Hillary will knock down what’s left standing with a sledgehammer.

The system is already rigged against us. Consider this. Donald Trump is campaigning against Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama, AND the mainstream media. It’s the same as Fox News against CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS.

Vote like no one’s watching…

So, if you know of anybody who is pissed that Trump is the nominee, and they’re thinking about sitting this one out, light a fire under their ass and drag them to the polls if you have to! It’s that important. Especially if you live in one of the “swing states.”

Hillary Clinton will leave nothing to chance if she wins this time. We’ve all seen the evidence of what she’s tried to get away with before now. Can you imagine the things she will get away with when she is accountable to no one?

Who knew that, in just a short number of years, Republicans would be eligible for the endangered species list?

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