Hillary: Not accepting election results is a “threat to Democracy”

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Here we have an amazing hypocrisy: during the campaign, when Trump refused to acknowledge that he would accept the election results, Hillary made a statement that should now come back to haunt her:

“To say you won’t respect the result of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy.” Hillary Clinton

“The peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes America, America!…Look, some people are just sore losers.”

With the call for a recount in states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, we have what? Sore losers.

Hackers, what hackers?

Jill Stein, the green party candidate, made the demand for a recount, because of “Russian hackers.”  [A foolish statement, since the US cyber teams were all watching for intrusion]. She raised more money for the recount than she raised for her entire campaign ($7 Million).

There’s a question, where’d the money come from?  George Soros of course. He’s a sore loser too.

Hillary’s lawyers have joined in to “make sure it’s fair.” There is no basis for a recount at any level, and absolutely no evidence of Russian hacking into any portion of the election results.

This election is nothing like the 2000 election as far as t Well then, what’s th point?he distance between votes is concerned. In 2000, there were less than 1000 votes between Al Gore and George W. Bush in the state of Florida. The recount went into December, and had to be decided by the Supreme Court. That is unlikely to happen here.

Wasting Soros’ money

Pennsylvania may prove to be a swamp for Stein, since they have to have affidavits from voters in every precinct, the deadline for which has passed in some cases. Automatic recounts are made when the distance between candidates is less than .5 percent. Trump won Pennsylvania by 70,638 votes, or 1.17%.

Update: Today was the deadline for a recount, and Stein missed it. We’ll see if she takes it to court.

Wisconsin will start a statewide recount later in the week, and the deadline is December 13. Officials there are confident in their vote count: Trump is well over 22,177 votes ahead there. But they rejected a mandatory hand recount, and want to do it by machine and Stein is planning to sue over it.

Michigan officials certified Trump as the winner on Monday. The deadline to file for a recount is this Wednesday. The margin of victory is slim, and is .2 percentage points- 47.6% to 47.4%. Just 10,704 votes separate them.

“In my view, this is not likely at all to change the outcome, and that’s what the computer and voting security experts say as well.” Jill Stein



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