Hillary Clinton’s UFO Connection

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Hillary Clinton’s UFO Connection

During a recent lull between campaign events in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton asked members of her inner circle which fringe groups of voters she had not yet pandered to. Former Obama adviser John Podesta, now working for Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, is a big believer in the existence of UFO’s and extraterrestrial life. He suggested she pander to the UFO voting bloc.

 hillary clinton's ufo connection

She’ll open the information to the public. Right. Photo via Newsfoxes

Hillary will get to the bottom of Area 51

So when a reporter asked Hillary a question about UFO’s recently, she said, “Yes, I am going to get to the bottom of it.”

Everyone knows that when Hillary says she’s going to get to the bottom of a controversial issue, you can bet she’s serious about it – as serious as she was about her role in the events in Benghazi.

She went on to make bold statements on the subject, such as acknowledging that extraterrestrials may have already visited Earth.

[This may have been an attempt to try to explain the existence of Al Gore, and probably Podesta too. In fact, Hillary is suspect herself as a possible alien due to her robotic way of speaking, and her lack of empathy for humans.]

Hillary said in the interview that she would appoint a task force to investigate the mysteries of Area 51 if she was elected. She claims that her husband Bill tried to find out the truth about UFO’s during his two terms in office in the 1990’s, but was unable to find out anything definitively.

Would Hillary go back on her word?

For the majority of people around the world, the controversy about whether life exists elsewhere in the universe rages on. Thank God Mrs. Clinton is finally going to let us all in on the secrets once and for all.

Of course, there is always the possibility that she could win the White House and then blow off the issue and never look for the answers she promised the UFO crowd. Surely she wouldn’t go back on her word?

The truth is out there… 

Critics of Mrs. Clinton maintain that chances are astronomically higher that there is evidence of alien bodies from Roswell, New Mexico, locked away in Area 51, than there is of Hillary ever telling the truth about anything.

However, there does appear to be well-founded suspicions that aliens from other worlds have visited Earth in the past. This is the only logical explanation for liberalism. Liberalism, no matter where it has been exercised, has never been rational in our world. Now we may know why.




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