Hillary Clinton – Using a rope line to keep the press at bay

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Hillary Clinton went to the 4th of July Parade in New Hampshire yesterday. No surprise there, after all it’s the state that holds the first primary of the election. What WAS a surprise, is that she roped off the press corps from getting too close to her.


Reporter stuck behind Hillary’s rope line in New Hampshire. Twitter photo

Reporters were at first allowed to get close to her, but were subsequently “herded” away by campaign staff worried about “crowd control.” They were literally “roped off” from the candidate, which created frustration from the press and Republican leaders. In general, a rope line is used to corral the public, not the press.

“The use of a rope line at a New Hampshire parade is a sad joke and insults the traditions of our first-in-the-nation primary.” Jennifer Horn, New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman

Freedom of the Press means nothing to Hillary Clinton

Not to mention that corralling the press smacks of a marked disdain for the First Amendment. She has been heavily criticized  for her inaccessibility to the press for the hard questions about Benghazi and other scandals, but it has gone unheeded. She flat doesn’t care.

Even her competition from the Democratic party had something to say about her use of a rope line for the press.

“Today, Republican presidential candidates marched in parades across New Hampshire that were open to the public without obstruction from their staff. Their efforts to reach out to voters and engage in retail campaigning stand in sharp contrast to Secretary Clinton’s arrogant and shameful behavior.” Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton runs her campaign on the premise that she is more important than the voters and that she will win regardless of their input. She hates the First amendment – all of it. From saying things like “you’ll have to change your religious beliefs” to telling Congress that Benghazi didn’t matter…she’s been stringing a rope of her own. And that one is not for keeping away the press.

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