Hillary Clinton – “We didn’t lose a single person in Libya”

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Hillary Clinton – “We didn’t lose a single person in Libya”

No, Jackass, we didn’t lose one single person, we lost FOUR Americans in Libya. Apparently Hillary Clinton has either slipped into total dementia or she is attempting to pretend that Benghazi didn’t happen. Or maybe she has no clue that Benghazi is  IN Libya.

While on the campaign trail yesterday, Hillary’s loss of memory resulted in a “gaffe” – which is the polite term for blowing it out both ears.

She uses those faux pas moments a lot- from top secret emails on a private server to one that reportedly revealed Ambassador Steven’s location.

She conveniently forgot about jihadists (the Libya Dawn Militia) taking over the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli in 2014 (and swimming in the embassy annex pool), or that the Ambassador and Embassy personnel had to be evacuated to Tunisia, or that they’re still not back.

Here’s a clip showing her blathering:

In the clip above you will hear her do a bit of babbling about Libya. Defending herself, she excitedly said “what are we supposed to do when someone asks us for help?” blah blah blah.

What were they supposed to do when they asked for help and neither Hillary nor any of her henchmen failed to send it? Die.

“I’m coming for you, HC”

Lately, Hillary has been making some ridiculously stupid statements. At the Democratic debate in early March, she stated that the mother of a Benghazi  victim was “absolutely wrong” when she stated that the State Department (and company) lied about a video being the cause of the Sept 11, 2012 attack. One of the heroes of Benghazi, Kris Paronto, posted this:


Arrogance personified

Honestly, we wish you would, Kris. You and all your friends go get her. And all of our friends. Heck, let’s take everyone. She needs to go to prison forever.

She refuses to drop out of the Presidential race if she’s indicted- know why? Because no one has the ‘sand’ to indict her. She’s too powerful. She’s got everything locked up. At least that what she thinks.

Only you, America, can put an end to her failures by making sure she doesn’t end up as President.


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