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Texas – Michael Mansfield is a disabled Marine Combat Veteran who has worked hard all his life. His hard work wasn’t just in the Marine Corps; he is now the CEO and Founder of the Hill Country Outdoor Network.

Staff Sgt Michael Mansfield, Combat veteran

Mike began his career in 1998 as a reservist in Austin, TX and served for three years. In 2004, he was recalled (even had to attend boot camp again!) and served with 1/5 at Camp Pendleton as an 0311. While stationed at Camp Pendleton, Mike still found a little time to hone his hunting skills and even guided his fellow Marines to help them nab their game.

He then transferred to HMLA-367 in Avionics to work on weapons systems on H1 and UH1 Helicopter platforms. He worked in Avionics until 2010 and then was placed in Active Reserves for two years while he applied for Special Ops. Over the course of his military career, Mike deployed 3 times to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. From Infantry to Special Operations is an amazing journey.

Michael was honorably discharged in 2014.

Michael meets Col Oliver North

Constructing a new life

Combat veterans coming home to stay often have difficulties with everything from relationships to employment. Mansfield was no different- after he returned from his service, finding a job that paid enough was difficult and he briefly lived on the streets in California. After he decided to come home to Texas, he began working for family and gradually moved into remodeling, sales, and advertising. But the future held something special…he found a precious lady, Kasey, who has supported him in his pursuit of a new direction, along with two boys, ages 7 and a year old toddler.

Michael has always loved the great outdoors. Growing up in Texas, he fostered a love for hunting and nature from his father, a Marine Mustang Colonel, who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Mike always felt that being outdoors hunting and fishing is like a form of therapy, especially for veterans. It gave Mike an idea. He wanted to create a company that allowed him to do what he loves by connecting hunters and fishermen to their passion.

It was also vitally important to Mike that the company promotes a family environment and reaches out to the next generation of hunters. In addition, Mike knew that he wanted his company to be able to give back to veteran charities, a cause that is close to his heart.

From an Eagle Scout to a Combat Marine Veteran, he has the skills. A new direction was born.

Hill Country Outdoor Network, Outfitter, Guide, Broker Services – God, Family, Country.

The direction entailed gathering a network of people who could perform in the areas Michael wanted.  All of his guides for both fishing and hunting are thoroughly vetted: they are put through an intensive process to find those with the very best experience.

There are guided hunts for game animals both in the United States and abroad. The Hill Country Outdoor Network is based in New Braunfels, TX, and the majority of their represented outfitters are based across the state. However, in the first few months that the company debuted, he also partnered with outfitters who do hunts out of South Africa and Argentina. He is excited to add more hunting destinations in the future.

His website states

We arrange hunts for individuals, groups, and corporate events. We will help find you the best rates and give you options based on what you’re seeking.

We work to help maximise your business in the Outfitting and Guide Industry. We work with guides, hunters, outfitters, and landowners to help market and sell your hunts and your brand. Please call us to set up a consultation.

Some of the options include,

  • Whitetail
  • Mule Deer
  • Exotics-Axis, Fallow, Sika, Dall, Aoudad…ETC
  • Feral Hog
  • Predator Hunting
  • Dove (Migratory and Eurasian)
  • Duck/Goose/Teal
  • Turkey
  • Quail (Wild/Farm Raised)
  • Pheasant (Wild/Farm Raised)
  • Redfish and Speckle Trout
  • Black Drum
  • African Safari

The company offers day hunts as well as multi-day hunts. Many extended hunts include lodging and food, weapon sighting, game processing and aftercare. Majority of the hunts are fully or semi-guided. At Hill Country Outdoor Network, they walk the client through the steps of booking a hunt so all the logistics are covered. So whether you are experienced or a novice, there is something for you.

Michael is a certified instructor for hunter education with Texas Parks and Wildlife as well as a firearms instructor. In the future, he plans to offer classes designed to teach survival skills.

He is looking for corporate sponsors to help him grow this endeavor even further. If you or someone you know is interested in helping The Hill Country Outdoor Network, please contact the company at their website.

Since Hill Country Outdoor Network is a new company, a gofundme has been set up to help fundraise start-up capital.

Michael’s network is growing already. From guides to outfitters, they can help you find the exact right hunting or fishing experience. They are family friendly, and ready to assist both those who hunt/fish, and guides/landowners who desire to grow their clientele.

You can find them on Facebook, so be sure to like and share!

Semper Fi, Michael and Kasey.



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