High-Grade Police Vehicles Armed with Water Cannons Seen Near Bilderberg Protests

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Fleet of Powerful Police Vehicles Seen Near Taschenbergpalais Hotel

Dresden, Germany – Infowars reporters Rob Dew and Paul Joseph Watson have witnessed some very suspicious heavily-armed police vehicles approximately one half-mile away from the Taschenbergpalais Hotel in Dresden, Germany where the Bilderberg protests are taking place. Although the protests are reportedly very small and disorganized, it would seem that the vehicles have been placed here in order to “keep the peace” if things it “out of hand”.

In the following video, Rob Dew approaches the vehicles to demonstrate their immense size. After only being on the scene for a few moments, a security guard warns the reporters to leave, which they do immediately. As the video shows, several vehicles are armed with water cannons; there are also two militarized scoops and large truck with a ring of bullhorns on top. So, are these in fact meant for the anti-Bilderberg protests?

Infowars Continues Report on Protests

Dresden is a very heated scene right now, as both left-wing and right-wing activists are protesting in the same location, and therefore violent situations can potentially occur. Even so, however, the presence of these militarized police vehicles is unnecessary and unprecedented. Of course, there has been no solid confirmation that these vehicles are in fact meant for the Bilderberg protests, but their location does spark justified skepticism.

In their follow-up video on this report, which is featured below, Infowars.com demonstrates that their previous reports that Bilderberg was planning for a major economic collapse were picked up and subsequently confirmed by the highly-respected news site The Drudge Report. Allegedly, the members of the group are “re-positioning their assets” in order to exploit and benefit from an upcoming economic collapse. After all, as Breitbart.com confirmed, it was George Soros, a known associate of the higher-ups in Bilderberg, who was responsible for crashing the pound in 1992. And, he is now “betting against the American stock market”, as Infowars reports.

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