Heroes American Cafe in Portland Targeted by Antifa

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The Heroes American Cafe in Portland, Oregon is owned by Black military veteran John Jackson. As a USMC and Army veteran he said that when he came to Portland about 10 years ago, it was one of the “most accepting” cities he had ever known. Things have drastically changed. Over the weekend his business was targeted by Antifa for his pro-police stance, windows shot at, and a baseball bat thrown through one of them.

Jackson received a phone call on Thursday that warned him he was about to become a target. “We kind of dismissed it as whatever.” Then came Sunday, when bullets and a baseball bat were employed to damage the restaurant. It occurred during a Portland “Day of Rage” in which statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were torn down in the city.

“To the business owners & the people, hang in there. We are all in this together. This type of violence makes no sense. It only hurts the small guys like myself. We are just here providing a service to the community.” John Jackson.

Jackson says the damage was around $3,000, according to the Western Journal.

Photos via Maggie Vespa on Twitter


Antifa-linked Twitter Accounts, @Dublin PDX and #safePDXpro have compiled a list of “unfriendly” businesses, and the Heroes American Cafe is on it.  The walls of Jackson’s Cafe had photos of first responders.

“We’re trying to compile a list of non-friendly businesses in PDX. AKA any company that’s hangingbluelives garbage in their store of anything else that’s anti the BLM movement. Drop them below…” @safePDXpro

“Heroe’s American Cafe on S Park blocks gives profits to their heroes…cops.” @DublinPDX

Jackson told Fox News that the vandalism solidified his vote for Trump.

“This solidified my Trump vote. I’m done with this weakness and we need some real strong leadership.”

Since the prosecutor won’t do anything to the rioters, Mayor Ted Wheeler openly stands with Antifa/BLM, and there have been over 100 days of continual rioting in the city, Portland could be doomed to become a ghost town. The Heroes American Cafe opened on Monday, with windows boarded up.  That’s perseverance.

Featured photo: screenshot via John Jackson (Fox)


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